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5 Ways to Treat Yourself This Fall

It's Fall, y'all! We thought we'd kick off the season with a quick blog about our favorite Autumn traditions. Here are 5 ways you can celebrate pumpkin spice season (besides ordering your favorite pumpkin spice snacks, of course).

1. Grab some friends and gather around a bonfire.

Gather up some logs, grab a cold drink, and kick back around the fire. Tell some ghost stories, brag on your favorite football team, or just chat it up with your besties.

(Speaking of fire, check out this red hot Charlotte.) 

2. Make some s'mores!

Fall is time for campfires and sticky, marshmallowy snacks. So while you're shooting the breeze around the fire, why not get toasting?

(Love chocolate? Meet Keira.)

3. Apple Cider Mimosas, y'all.

Nothing says Autumn like a nice glass of apple cider. Why not take your cider to the next level with a little bit of champagne? Dribble a little caramel sauce along the rim of your glass, dip it in brown sugar, then mix pour in some cider and some of your favorite bubbly. Garnish with an apple slice - it's nice!

(Know what else looks good in champagne? Sonia.)

4. Take a nature walk.

One of the best things about fall is spending a little more time outdoors enjoying the beauty of nature. The leaves may not have changed just yet, but you can still take a nice stroll through the woods or through the park to take a last good look at the flowers.

(And if you're really into flowers, try Ingrid.)

5. Watch your favorite scary movie.

Halloween is on its way. What better way to celebrate the season than to kick back with the family and watch your favorite spooky film?

(Thrill seeker? We have just the line for you.)

Don't forget to keep an eye open for new styles this season. We'll be updating our site with lots of new Fall styles and fashion colors, so check back regularly!

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