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A Smart Bride’s Guide to Happy Bridesmaids

Congratulations! You’re getting married, and you’re probably perusing Pinterest to find the perfect way to invite your best friends to be bridesmaids in your wedding. We know it can be tempting to ask all your bridesmaids to match, and by “match” we mean wear the exact same dress in the exact same color. It’s traditional, but it can also be a nightmare for your friends.


Did you know that the practice of wearing matching bridesmaids dresses actually stems from some pretty silly superstitions? Historically, bridesmaids have worn matching dresses to ward off kidnappers and evil spirits, not to coordinate for photoshoots. When arranged marriages were the norm, a bride’s friends would match her and each other to confuse demons and jealous suitors who might try to make off with the betrothed, but nowadays, that thinking seems pretty bizarre. It makes you wonder, should we still be expecting all of our bridesmaids to wear the same dress?


It’s 2018, and even the fashion industry is beginning to accept that women come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Don’t get caught in the undertow of tradition by making all your friends wear the exact same dress in the exact same color; these girls are unique, and that’s why you love them! You love their quirks and their flaws, so why not give your friends a chance to showcase their bodies in the way that makes them feel most comfortable? Squishing into a dress that makes her feel insecure can distract a bridesmaid from enjoying your big day. Don’t let it happen. Allowing your bridesmaids a little freedom to choose their own ensembles can relieve any of their image anxieties without compromising your color scheme.


Try giving your bridesmaids a fabric swatch or paint sample in the color that you’d like them to wear. Make sure your girls have all the details they’ll need in terms of what lengths and fabrics they should stick to, and let them have at it! It can feel scary to loosen the reins , especially when you know these dresses will be immortalized in your wedding photos, but trust us, your friends want to look good on your big day. They know you, and they know their bodies. Take a leap of faith, ask for pictures of potential dress choices, and relax. We think you’ll find it’s actually nice not to have to plan everyone else’s outfit as well as your own, and your bridesmaids will be so grateful you not only allowed them to choose dresses that will flatter their bodies, but also they’ll probably choose items they can wear after your wedding.


Why bother? If you’ve read our blog post “The Trendy Dress and All Its Drama,” you already know that the struggle is real when it comes to finding a suitable bra to pair with a formal gown. Even if your curvy bridesmaid loves the matching dress you’ve chosen, she may feel awful about her self-image when she sees her own reflection. A strapless, backless, or plunge style may force her to choose between wearing an unsupportive strapless bra, an even less supportive stick-on bra, or no bra at all. This means that your friend will be spending most of her time squirming uncomfortably to keep everything in place instead of enjoying your special event.


At the end of the day, you’re the bride, and this is your dream wedding. If you want your bridesmaids to match, they’ll be happy to do it; these are your best friends we’re talking about, but take some time to consider what style of dress will be the most flattering, functional option. You’re going to feel beautiful on your wedding day, and we want to encourage you to help your girl-squad feel beautiful too. Remember that not all dresses are created equal, so make sure to prioritize what matters to you. Establish a plan before hitting the racks, and browse Breakout Bras’ online or retail store for your perfect undergarments. Happy shopping! We’ll see you soon!


By Courtney Madeira 

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