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Are My Breasts Normal?

by: Laura Chow

Almost every woman has worried at one point or another that her breasts were weird, so if you’re worried you’re already normal. Of course if you’re super confident about your chest, that’s normal too. The reality is, there is no such thing as “normal” for breasts. They vary in size, shape, placement and they’re all okay.

While a general average for all women really doesn’t exist, knowing what is normal for you and your body is beneficial to your general health and peace of mind.

What If My Breasts Are Two Different Sizes?

They’re normal. A lot of women worry when their breasts are two different sizes. But it’s totally normal for one breast to be larger than the other. In fact, some women have breasts that are different by as much as one or two cup sizes.

It’s actually very common to have breasts that are asymmetric than symmetric. One breast can often become larger during adolescence and may never back out. Hormonal changes can also affect the size of one or both breasts. As long as you’re not noticing a sudden dramatic change in the size or shape of one breast, you should be perfectly healthy.

What if My Breasts Are Far Apart From Each Other?

They’re normal. Breasts are usually farther apart than our cleavage expectations would have us believe. Some women have breasts that are far apart and sort of tubular shaped. These are called tuberous breasts and are nothing to worry about as they pose no health dangers.

Are My Nipples Weird?

Nope, they’re normal. Concerns with nipples are another very common worry many women share.

Some women have an inverted nipple or nipples, meaning that the nipple is more sunken and doesn’t protrude. This is also normal. Some women with inverted nipples are afraid that they won’t be able to breastfeed their babies, but it’s entirely possible for mothers with inverted nipples to nurse their infants.

Other common concerns with nipples include their color and size. The skin around the nipple, the areola, can range in color from light pink to dark brown. This coloration depends on skin color and even the time of a woman’s menstrual cycle. The size of the nipple and areola may also change, and all women have differently-sized nipples. These things are totally natural elements of the human body and only serve to make you more unique.

My Breasts Are Hurting

Potentially not normal, but read on before you panic. One of the more concerning symptoms, breast pain can be a sign that something more serious going on. For the most part though, having tender breasts is normal.

Many women find that their breasts become more painful and tender as their period gets closer. Water retention can be to blame for this. Since hormone increase around the time of menstruation can cause salt and sugar cravings, and these ingredients cause water retention in the body, breast tissue can become slightly swollen and uncomfortable. Some women only experience mild discomfort, while others suffer through days or weeks of breasts that hurt with even the slightest touch.

As long as breast pain is not chronic, suddenly worsened, and is only something you experience mainly during your period or while pregnant, you are perfectly healthy. Just make sure to drink plenty of plain water every day, especially around the time of your period if you tend to experience tenderness.

With so much emphasis on appearance, it can be hard to remember that all breasts are normal. While it’s also normal to feel insecure sometimes, the most important thing is to learn to have confidence in your body.


Laura Chow is a medical writer for Zwivel, an online resource dedicated to health, skincare, and cosmetic treatments.

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