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BOB Besties

It’s hard to make a true friend. It’s even harder to keep one for life, but Breakout Bras besties Stephanie and Leah are pulling it off! They met in 1994 at Lakeview Middle School and have been thick as thieves ever since. They’ve shared laughs, special events, and even employers. According to Leah, “Stephanie was employed at Breakout Bras [while she] was working for Shoe Carnival. [Leah] had been at shoe carnival for seven years, [but she] wanted to get out of retail.” Stephanie told Leah about a job opening, and the rest is history; she has been working at Breakout Bras since 2007.


Today, Leah works from her home in North Carolina as the company’s catalog manager. Stephanie works on site as the general manager. While they may be hours apart, this dynamic duo works collaboratively via phone and email Leah said, “It used to be fun seeing my good friend at work everyday. Now that I live out of state, I don’t get to see her very much. I know she’s good at her job, and I can rely on her.” Stephanie and Leah do get together as often as possible when Leah visits Greenville.


To help our awesome customers get a sneak peek into these girls’ longtime friendship, Courtney, one of our marketing assistants, asked them a few questions about each other. Their best responses are listed below, enjoy!



What embarrassing thing has your friend done that she would never admit to?

Leah said, “She used to write boys’ names over and over on pieces of paper in middle school. It was kinda creepy.”

Stephanie said, " She got stuck in a steep downhill driveway and needed the car to be pushed backwards out of the driveway- thanks to the good ol' Daytona that wouldn't go in reverse!" 



When your friend has a day off, where are you sure to find her?

Leah said, “At home, with her son.”


What’s your favorite memory with your friend?

Leah said, “Too many to recall. I really enjoyed when she fell over in her chair at work and got stuck under the chair because it was pinned down by the desk. I took a picture and laughed so hard for hours.”

Stephanie said, "She's the friend I can always trust to give me a truthful response to any question. She even manages to tell me things I may not want to hear without being an a**hole."



What is the craziest thing your friend has ever done?

Stephanie said, "She's entertaining & crazy on a daily basis. It's what keeps our love alive no matter how far away she lives!"


For the record, Stephanie’s true celebrity crush is David Duchovny. Leah’s is Matthew McConaughey, but all that jazz is far less important than their friendship. Leah and Stephanie have been kicking tail and taking names for 24 years! Of course, it takes more than two to run such a great operation, so stop in to get fitted and meet the rest of the Breakout Bras team. Order online, and chat with our customer service representatives online. You might even get to talk to Stephanie! Stay tuned to our future blogs to learn more about Breakout Bras and the amazing people who work there.


By Courtney Madeira

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