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Breakout Bras Accessories: Everything But The Kitchen Sink

You may know Breakout Bras for its awesome selection of bras and swimwear, but did you know the company also offers a variety of clever accessories designed to solve a woman's problems simply and effectively. To learn more, explore this list of washes, inserts, tapes, and more. You just might discover the solution to a problem you never knew you had.  


Body Tape - Fashion Care Body Tape secures your clothing to your body to ensure you’ll reveal only as much skin as intended. It’s perfect for plunging, backless fashions, wrap dresses, and off the shoulder tops. It even keeps bra straps from slipping in a pinch. Fashion Care’s Body Tape is made with hypoallergenic 3M medical grade adhesive, and each roll is 9 meters long! Avoid embarrassing situations by storing an emergency roll in your car, at the office, or in your purse. Body Tape makes a great gift and can be used by anyone on the go!



Bra Back Converter - Not sure what to do for hiding your bra band while wearing low-back or backless fashions? The Fashion Care Bra Back Converter lowers the back band by 2 to 3 inches so it will not be seen peeking out from tops or dresses. The Bra Back Converter attaches around the waist and has an adjustable sliding piece for added comfort. Don’t let your bra keep you from the latest trends.






“No Sweat” Under Arm Clothing Shields - The Fashion Care "No Sweat" Under Arm Clothing Shields help protect your garments from the damaging effects of perspiration and deodorant. They are slim, comfortable, and they adhere firmly to the inside underarm area of tops, dresses, jackets, etc. which lets you get through your day confidently knowing no sweat stains are coming your way.






DIMRS - Insecure about having your "high beams" on? Then it's time to put on a pair of DIMRS (yes they are pronounced "dimmers.") These feather-light silicone nipple covers are completely invisible under clothing, so they're perfect for form fitting tops, bathing suits, strapless garments, sports bras, or no bra at all. DIMRS are so lightweight, you'll forget you're wearing them until you pass by a mirror and notice your headlight-free bust.

Unlike cheap imitators, DIMRS are designed to adhere naturally without painful adhesive. To use DIMRS, just moisten them with a drop or two of water and place them horizontally across the nipple. Your natural body heat will activate DIMRS' high quality hypoallergenic silicone to create a long lasting bond. DIMRS even bounce back into shape after each use, so they'll last for years!



Hem Tape - Fashion Care Body Tape is super strong and is every busy woman’s secret weapon. Don’t let broken stitches get in the way of a fabulous look; turn to Hem Tape for a quick fix for bonding fabrics together in seconds. Simply peel back the protective backing and fasten the tape between two pieces of fabric. Mend hems, close the gaps between buttons, or add a little modesty to that deep V that turned out slightly deeper than anticipated. To remove, carefully pull the tape away from fabrics before washing.


Bra Back Extenders - Custom fit your bra with Bra Back Extenders. These clever extenders add hooks to your bras to give you a little extra wiggle room in the band. All extenders have four rows of eyes which allow wearers to lengthen their bra's back band. All extenders are non-elasticized, 100% nylon with a soft brushed back for comfort. They are the affordable, easy solution for bands that fit too tightly. Before you invest in a whole new bra, try troubleshooting with a Bra Back Extender.



Rixie Clip Band Tightener - Rixie Clip is a revolutionary bra band tightener. To use Rixie Clip, simply slide it over your existing band, position it to your desired hold, and snap it into place. The existing band lies flat underneath the Rixie Clip, meaning you make no permanent alterations to your garment whatsoever! Even better, Rixie Clip is fully adjustable, so you can change the settings over and over to maintain a custom, secure hold!



Flaunt “AHH…” Silicone Shoulder Cushions - Stop bra slippage, discomfort, and indentation with these inventive silicone shoulder cushions. Their  transparent, low profile design disappears under clothing. Two fold over flaps hold bra straps of any width firmly in place while flexible silicone molding gives your shoulders some much needed relief.





Clear Inserts - Designed to blend naturally beneath form-fitting clothing, Flaunt’s diverse line of clear inserts offer something for every woman. The “Glam” inserts add a cup size for enhanced cleavage. The “Sculpt” shapers contour for voluminous, lifted shaping. The “Flirt” shapers boost breast tissue and are ideal for provocative, plunging necklines, and the “Umph” inserts offer very subtle enhancement.

Whatever your style preference is, Flaunt makes a style of insert to meet your needs. Once you buy your first pair, you’ll be hooked. You might even want to test them out under your favorite swimsuit.


Hide a Strap Attachette - Fashion Essentials’ Hide a Strap Attachettes are an elegant sollution to a common problem. They help women hide their bra straps while rocking sleeveless fashions by gently pulling both bra straps together. Unlike plastic racerback adaptors, these elastic adaptors provide women with comfortable, flexible fits, and they’re available in a white, black, and nude multipack.




Splash Swimwear Wash - Unlike most detergents, Splash Swimwear Wash is specially designed to neutralize chlorine and salt left in swimwear. Splash is made with gentle, plant-based cleansers. It effectively removes sunscreen, body oils, and chlorine smell while preserving your swimwear’s color and elasticity. Make that reliable swimsuit last a few more seasons by maintaining it with Splash Swimwear Wash!



Gentle Washing Powder - Formulated with plant-derived, biodegradable ingredients, Fashion Care Fabric Wash breaks down dirt without breaking down fabric, so your fine fabrics stay fine longer. Use the wash on any delicate garments including lingerie, hosiery, silk, wool, cotton, swimwear, and lycra. The soft, clean scent is subtle, so even if you are sensitive to perfumes, this wash may work for you. Still, this product smells amazing

Easy to use instructions, compatible with high efficiency machines, top loaders, and hand washes are listed on the back of the container. Rest easy knowing your delicate fabrics are safe and sound with Fashion Care’s Fabric Wash.


Wash Bags - Fashion Care Wash Bags enable safe and thorough machine washing of lingerie, hosiery and most other delicate garments. Their unique mesh design allows for maximum water flow, without the worry of snags or pulls. These wash bags have durable, rust-proof zippers which are "self-locking," so they won’t open during the wash cycle. Bra Wash Bags extend the life of your bra. No more wire pop out, lumpy padding, snags, or pulls from machine washing- the bag’s cylindrical shape, built-in frame, and extra cushioning protects the integrity of your bra while gently ridding it of dirt and grime. Breakout Bras offers three styles of Fashion Care Wash Bags: the large, gentle wash bag, the bra bather in cup sizes A-C, and bra bather in cup sizes D+. They’re great for women in need of simple, safe cleaning methods.

***Please note that Breakout Bras does not recommend washing bras by machine. Instead, the company advises customers to hand wash and line dry their garments to ensure they last as long as possible. 


Now that you've seen some of Breakout Bras' impressive accessories, you're probably interested in learning what other great products the store has to offer. To browse our online inventory or fill your cart with nifty gadgets, visit, or feel free to visit our retail location in Greenville, South Carolina. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


By Courtney Madeira

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