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Comexim: A Five Bra Review

If you’ve read our post on the cleavage myth, you know that “sexy” cleavage has its problems. In that post, we explain why in-your-face movie star boobs are often an indication of an ill-fitting bra, and we offered some tips on how to achieve good cleavage without compromising the fit, or your comfort, in the process. If you read that post and weren’t satisfied with the “good cleavage” alternatives we offered, this next post is just for you. We’ve struggled for a long time to find a full-figured bra that creates movie star cleavage without also causing serious discomfort. The two concepts have been mutually exclusive; until now!


Enter Comexim, a full-figured brand out of Poland, that bridges this gap. So far, we’re pretty confident about the results. We’re starting off with five designs—the Ingrid, the Queen of Hearts, the Sonia, the Rose, and the Burgundy—and we’ve taken them each for a test drive. This blog includes our comprehensive fit notes on each style, plus some photos to give you a good idea of how they look. 

BEFORE WE BEGIN, A NOTE ON SIZING: All of our bras use either the US or the UK sizing system. Comexim adheres to the UK system, but the cups tend to run small. We’ll discuss this in more detail a little further along, but before you buy, be sure to double-check your correct size against this conversion chart.

comexim chart.jpg 

If you have any questions about sizing, please contact our customer service representatives.


We began our fit checks with the Ingrid. It’s a floral print in a season awash with floral prints, and yet it manages to bring something new to the table in terms of both fit and appearance. The fabric is of good quality, and the pattern itself is just beautiful. The Ingrid is an old soul dressed in creamy taupe, warm-colored flowers, and lovely amber bows. This is definitely a design with an eye towards autumn. At first glance, it’s sexy without being showy—a modest, quiet kind of sexy. But you know what they say; it’s the quiet ones you have to look out for. Once you see the way it fits, you’ll know there’s nothing modest about it. The Ingrid has the right ingredients of a great-fitting bra: multi-part cups with vertical and transversal seams, fully adjustable straps, and a nice, sturdy band. The shaping speaks for itself. As you can see, the Ingrid really gives our model a solid boost, resulting in a round, open look. If you like high coverage but typically have trouble with those bras digging in at the top, you’ll like the Ingrid. The cups are fairly deep and rise high on the chest, but they do run a bit small.

Our model usually wears a 34J, but needed to go up a cup size in the Ingrid. She is pictured here in a 34JJ, which worked much better for her breast type—soft, squishy tissue that overflowed from the 34J. In the larger cup, she was able to pull in from the sides and fill up the cup without spilling out the top.

The Ingrid’s most noteworthy feature is the underwire. It’s soft, narrow, and quite shallow compared to similar styles by Panache or Elomi. The upside to this is a more comfortable underarm fit without the chafing or rubbing. The downside is a lack of side support. The fabric is just not firm enough to effectively contain a lot of side tissue, so if you’re wide-rooted, this is not the bra for you. It will work best for breasts with narrow to average roots. Overall, we are very happy with the Ingrid’s fit. If you’re after serious cleavage in a full coverage bra, you should definitely give this one a try. To recap, the cup runs a touch small, so we recommend going up one cup size. The band is firm and tight, and the straps are close-set, ideal for narrow shoulders.


Next up is the Queen of Hearts. This plunge is a real showstopper, featuring a steamy red and black façade with a satiny finish, decked with square bows at the base of each strap and at the center gore. It fits almost exactly like the Ingrid, with a minor exception in the band. The band on the Queen of Hearts is a little bit looser and more flexible, but not so much that it merits a size adjustment. Like the Ingrid, the Queen of Hearts features vertical and transversal seams for shaping, fully adjustable straps, and a whole lot of oomph. It has the same narrow, shallow underwire, and provides similar lift and similar movie star cleavage. In fact, it was an instant office favorite among the BOB staff because it really makes your boobs look awesome, whether they’re big or small.

 Here’s a side-by-side look at the Queen of Hearts on two different breast types. The model on the left (also pictured in the Ingrid above) is wearing a 34JJ. She is full-breasted with soft, squishy tissue. As you can see, there’s a nice hug at the top cup, but no uncomfortable digging. The model on the right is in a 28FF, a cup size up from her regular size. She is full on bottom and describes her breasts as “not super firm.” She still gets the same great lift and shaping, but has some minor gapping at the top (as you can see in the side view below).

 As with the Ingrid, we recommend moving up a cup size to prevent overflow.


Next is the Sonia, a padded balcony bra. Aesthetically, this style is softer and more subtle than the others. The base is a powdery peach color, with eyelash lace detail in silvery floral. The straps are a little darker, almost a light mocha, and fully adjustable. There are two-tone bows at the base of each strap and another in the middle. This is a half-cup style, so it’s not quite as containing as the Ingrid or the Queen of Hearts. The fit is pretty consistent with the others we’ve looked at so far, with one noticeable exception: the side panels on the Sonia, while silky soft, are a good bit higher than on the other styles, and definitely will not work for wide roots or side tissue. (Note: The other styles don’t work for wide roots either, but for the opposite reason—they lack support and coverage, whereas the Sonia offers too much.)

The model pictured here usually wears a 28G. We photographed her in a 28GG, which did a much better job of accommodating her since her breasts are on the fuller side. Yet again, one cup up is par for the course. Since the Sonia is a half-cup, there are no transversal seams, only vertical ones. As you can see, they do a good job of rounding out and lifting up her breasts. The center gore is lower than a traditional balcony, and it does a really good job of tacking between the breasts without digging.


These next two bras have nearly identical fits, so we’ve reviewed them together to eliminate some repetition.

The Burgundy (above) makes a bold statement in deep red with true black accents. Black lace trims the top cup, and square bows adorn the strap bases and center gore. At first glance, it looks like an inverted version of the Queen of Hearts, but it’s not—this one is a half-cup, and doesn’t rise so high on the chest. The Rose (below) is a showy, luxurious floral, with pinks and reds that pop against a black base. The print is enhanced by vertical stripes that cut extravagantly through the roses. Two strips of black elastic trim the top, connected to each other by the thinnest elastic strings. This creates the illusion of a floating band, and it looks totally amazing.

As far as fit goes, these two styles are almost identical. If you’re not as full on top as you’d like to be, these will both make you look nice and plump. The combination of vertical seaming and rigid fabric really pushes your breasts up and keeps them there. Every Comexim bra we’ve tested so far has run small in the cups, and that’s doubly true for the Burgundy and the Rose. We recommend going up two cup sizes in both of these bras to get the right amount of support without muffin-topping. To show you the difference, here's a quick side-by-side.

The model in the above photos typically wears a 28G. She is pictured in a 28GG on top and a 28H on the bottom. As you can see, there's some spillover in the first bra (and some squish under her band). By moving up two cup sizes instead of one, she achieves a better, more flattering fit. If you have full breasts, take note—both these bras will press a little at the top. Here’s our model in a 28H Rose, which we established above to be her correct fit.



As you can see, there's definitely a hug at the top cup. It's not uncomfortable, but it's noticeable if you don't like the "full containment" feel.

SUMMARY: Overall, these are great-fitting bras that are going to make a lot of ladies very happy. If you’ve struggled to find a full-figured bra that gives you a little extra oomph without the discomfort of too-high sides, you should definitely give Comexim a try. The fit is fairly consistent across the board. Every style but the Sonia has a shallow underwire, and each style runs small in the cups. Go up one cup size in the Ingrid, the Queen of Hearts, and the Sonia. Go up two cup sizes in the Burgundy and the Rose. These bras work best for front-and-center breasts with narrow to average roots. They will not work for you if you have a lot of side tissue. If you’re shallow on top, they’ll give you a nice plump platter look. They’ll look great on full breasts too, but may press a little at the top. Ready to get your hands on a new Comexim? You can find these styles (and the matching panties) in our online store!

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