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Everybody Loves Monica

Monica has been with Breakout Bras for less than a year, but she's already become a crowd favorite with both customers and company staff. She's got a quick wit, infectious laugh, and closet full of unbelievably cute clothes purchased in Texas. Monica moved to Greenville the day after Christmas, and the rest of her family still lives in San Benito, TX.

She recently went back to her hometown for her high-school graduation and makes an effort to keep up with her family via phone calls, despite the long-distance that separates them. Monica says, "I like calling my family in Texas and speaking to them about my day or theirs. Ultimately, I miss them a lot." 

Still, Monica is by no means alone here in Greenville. She's got a healthy relationship with her boyfriend and three "kids" Summer (a cat), Loki (a cat), and Oreo (a pug). She takes Oreo to the dog park and out on walks, but she only plays with her cats at home. 

If she could travel anywhere in the world, Monica would go to Amsterdam. She originally discovered the city while watching an episode of House Hunters and fell in love with its culture. She'd love to visit some of Amsterdam's cool museums and just walk around exploring the new place.

Monica's hero is her mom. She says her mom has "always been the one to be there through anything and get Monica through anything." She helped Monica move, get through tough times, and survive graduation. Monica's mom is her "best friend" and an incredibly strong, driven, and understanding person. Monica says simply, "She's my mom, and I love her." 

The apple definitely doesn't fall far from the tree. At work, Monica works hard, is compassionate with clients, and always maintains a good sense of humor. One woman's Facebook review mentions Monica's skills, stating, "I just left Breakout Bras with a brand new Panache!! Monica did a FABULOUS job with my fitting! She made sure I was comfortable every step of the way and was able to help me find the perfect bra. My 'girls' have never been so happy!"  She's usually a fitter, but Monica also helps send orders to Amazon and put inventory away in the warehouse. 

She's got future plans to enlist in the military, so stop by the Breakout Bras retail store for a fitting ASAP! Don't worry though, all the Breakout Bras fitters are friendly and highly trained to find customers the perfect fits for their body types and personal tastes. Plus, our talented customer service representatives are always ready to help customers place online orders. Follow us on Facebook or subscribe to our store newsletter to see more employee features, new product posts, and upcoming community event opportunities! 

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