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Featured Product: Meet the Carmen #4010!

So many women come into our store in need of a good full-figured bra: curvy women, women whose breasts are fuller on the sides, women with small waists who have to wear large or extra-large shirts because of their breasts—women with Elomi body shapes who don’t fit into Elomi sizes.

So we talked to Elomi.

We encouraged them to add a 32 band for the women who love the brand but can’t wear a 34. We asked for bigger cups. Lots of ladies loved the Lexi and the Jocelyn, but couldn’t squeeze themselves into an HH cup. We wanted something sexy and supportive in a plunge. We wanted, begged for stretch lace.

Elomi answered with the “Carmen” Plunge Stretch Lace Banded Underwire Bra #4010. It’s made of a matte simplex fabric overlaid with crochet lace, and it’s offered in a wider range of band and cup sizes than previous plunge styles.


At Breakout Bras, we’ve been preaching the wonders of stretch lace for years. It accommodates a wide range of breast shapes and sizes because it conforms to your breasts. The stretch lace in the top cup of the Carmen is designed to hug the upper part of the bust and create a nice, full, rounded shape—great for ladies who are shallower up top and have trouble filling up more rigid cup styles.

The Carmen’s stretch lace offers more control than the Lexi or the Jocelyn, but in doing so, it may be too firm for your liking. To keep the lace from pressing, we strongly suggest going up a cup size to ensure a comfortable fit. For good measure, Elomi extended the cups sizes for the plunge style up to a JJ to serve ladies with larger, squisher breast tissue.

Moreover, we’re glad to see the Carmen released in basic colors. For the most part, new styles come in fashion colors first, and once those colors sell out, they’re gone for good. Since it comes in basic Black and Sand, we’ll be able to offer the Carmen for a good while.

To give you a good idea of the fit, we took the Carmen for a test drive to see how it works on different body types.


All four models were satisfied with the appearance of the bra, especially when the J-hook in the back was fastened. In summary, the Carmen looks good whether you’re full on top, bottom, or both, and works best for women with side-heavy breasts, wider roots, and women who are a little taller in the torso. If you’re petite, you’re better off with one of Elomi’s bandless styles.

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