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For Your Eyes Only Photography

Breakout Bras is always looking for new ways to support its local community and help its customers enjoy their new bras, intimates, and self-confidence. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Katie Cotton’s boudoir studio Cotton Rouge & Company to get our clients the inside scoop on the inner workings of her sexy photo enterprise! We interviewed Katie to find out what Cotton Rouge & Co. is all about, how it started, and what it looks like to do a photo-shoot as one of Katie’s beautiful clients.  

Cotton Rouge & Company 

She’s dedicated to helping women feel comfortable in their own skins and says, “We truly get ladies who come in for ALL sorts of reasons! Cotton Rouge does have a lot of clients that do sessions as grooms’ gifts before their weddings!” The boudoir studio adjoins a hair and makeup studio in the Taylors Mill; Katie utilizes both spaces, using the second one as a wedding hair and makeup studio. Both fall under the umbrella of Cotton Rouge & Company, and Katie explained that once her wedding clients “find out that ‘boudoir is a thing’ they are all in!” Of course, boudoir is for more than just brides to be. According to Katie, Cotton Rouge “also gets women who come in to do sessions as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays, Christmas, and Valentine’s Day!” There are plenty of good excuses to get some boudoir photos made.

Although, not everyone feels ready to smile for the camera, and we asked Katie what she thinks some of the most common reasons are that women hesitate to book their shoots. She explained, “Most women are concerned that they aren’t in the right ‘shape’ for a session or that they won’t know what to do.” Katie's response to those worries is simple; she said, “Well, your shape has everything to do with posing and lighting, all of which Cotton Rouge does FOR you!” She added, “We know this isn’t what you do everyday! We work to make sure each woman is comfortable, but we also guide her into the best posing to flatter her favorite features!” The reviews speak for themselves. Katie’s clients rave about how easy to work with and encouraging she is; it’s obvious that Cotton Rouge is offering a one of a kind boudoir experience that is well worth the price.

The reason why, Katie truly cares about advancing her skills and giving her clients both a positive experience as well as quality images. When asked what she enjoys about boudoir photography, she answered, “I love it for the same reason I love makeup and hairstyling! I love taking an everyday woman and making her feel AH-MAZING about herself!” Katie admits that she didn’t exactly plan to become a boudoir photographer. Instead she “just sort of fell into it,” explaining, “I worked with another boudoir photographer in the Greenville area, and when she moved out of town, she encouraged me to start shooting by myself since I had already started learning photography for personal reasons and the makeup artistry business.”

Her skills are always evolving, and the Cotton Rouge galleries speak to her dedication to quality. The final images are stunning! While Katie has trained some of her makeup artistry staff to edit photos to ensure clients always receive their albums in a timely manner, only females are ever allowed access to the images, and most of the images are edited by Katie herself. She has to approve everything before it is sent to final production.

The Boudoir Experience 

What does the boudoir process look like? It all starts with booking your photoshoot and brainstorming! Think about the sorts of images you might want to produce; what kind of vibes do you want them to have. Browse Katies images, Pinterest boards, other photographer’s galleries, etc. to get a feel for the styles you prefer. Then it’s time to make some attire choices. We all know how difficult it can be to shop for intimates that suit both our bodies and personal tastes, so get a little help by getting professionally fitted. Breakout Bras offers complimentary fittings and sizes ranging in band sizes from 28”-52” and cup sizes from AA-N. Our enormous inventory features various international brands and a wide range of fashionable aesthetics, so from petite to plus-size, there’s something for everybody. More importantly, a client is paired with the same fitter for her entire appointment to ease the anxieties associated with bra shopping.  

Next comes the appointment! Most clients wait until their shoot to meet Katie, but they are more than welcome to visit her in the studio beforehand. Once a client arrives for her booking, Katie does her makeup and hair while they chat about the upcoming session to establish what sort of look and feel they are aiming to achieve through the finished photos. Katie told Breakout Bras, “We go through sample photos of women I’ve worked with in the studio. Then we talk about the client’s wardrobe. We encourage her to bring her own, but the studio does also have a ‘client’s closet’ that she can browse to see if there is anything she’d like to borrow for her session.” Finally, Katie walks her client through a full explanation of how she will be posing for pictures. Katie will even model the poses for clients and detail the entire boudoir process to “help get the nerves worked out.” From that point, the client gets dressed, chooses her set, and prepares for shooting as Katie cranks up some music to kick off the fun!

Finished photos can be made into an array of products such as little black books, USB drives, calendars, etc. that your partner will value for years to come. For pricing or additional information, you can reach Cotton Rouge via its online contact form. The company is unique in that it offers professional hairstyling, makeup artistry, and photography services all in one studio location. It features several sets constructed with the help of Katie’s dad who has built a career in theater set design. According to Katie, Cotton Rouge has “three different bedrooms and seven other diverse sets” which include things like leather chairs, textured walls, and more. She claims, “Having a variety of set styles for shoots ensures that every client can have a background that fits her.” She can be girly, vintage, glamorous, dark and moody, or light and airy.

Do It For Yourself

Overall, Katie’s goal is to have “one-on-one connections with clients.” She wants to “make sure that each woman feels empowered,” and she recognizes that might mean something different for each individual she shoots. Katie says she loves the way clients come in nervous and leave smiling and chattering about how much fun they had; however she cautions women who are on the fence about booking a boudoir shoot that they should only do it for themselves. She says, “DO IT, but DON’T do it for him! Your partner is just the excuse you need to do the session.” She adds, “REALLY, you’re doing it for yourself!” 

If you’re feeling fired up about booking your future boudoir shoot, do some research, buy something cute to wear, and contact Katie Cotton of Cotton Rouge & Company! She even does headshots and maternity shoots at her studio in the Taylors Mill. It's just 20 minutes from the Breakout Bras retail store, and she’d be happy to answer any questions you might have. Be sure to follow us on social media to keep up with future blogs highlighting local companies and posts about new product offerings!

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