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Jillana from Magic 98.9 Visits Breakout Bras

Today we had a chance to hang out with Jillana from Magic 98.9 and b93.7! She caught up with Melissa and Stephanie to discuss the importance of a correctly-fitted sports bra.

Did you know that working out without proper support can cause long-term damage to your breasts? That's because your breasts contain connective tissue called Cooper's Ligaments, which help support and maintain your breast structure. Too much movement can cause these ligaments to stretch over time, causing your breasts to sag. A good sports bra can keep these ligaments from facing undue strain, thereby keeping your breasts looking and feeling better for longer!

At Breakout Bras, we stock a full range of sports bras for active women of all sizes and shapes. Check out the video above for Jillana's personal testimonial about the difference a good bra can make!

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