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Kick It With KT

Most employees at Breakout Bras juggle multiple responsibilities, but KT's talent for managing several tasks at once is hard to match! Her title is "Marketing Director," but KT also manages job listings, interviews applicants, researches potentially beneficial web applications, directs the marketing team, designs graphics, and makes changes to the company's eCommerce site. 


KT has been working at Breakout Bras since 2016. She has a bachelor’s degree in classics from the College of Charleston, and she's definitely a character. To give you an inside look at this behind-the-scenes queen, we've asked KT some questions, and transcribed her answers which are listed below. Enjoy! 


Do you have any children or pets? What do you like to do with them outside of work?

I have a dog named Eris. She's part Lab, part German Shepherd, and she's my best friend. She goes almost everywhere I go; I'd bring her to work if I could. We go camping together a lot. She loves swimming and roaming around in the woods, and she's a great traveling buddy because she's so calm and well-behaved. Oh, she also loves fetch. She'll play for hours. 


If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?

I'd move to Iceland and become a goatherd (a shepherd but for goats).  



Which season do you like most? 

My favorite season is fall- not for the pumpkin spice, but for the weather, football, and good food! Plus, my birthday is in November, so fall means presents. 


What food could you eat forever without getting sick of it?

Sushi! However, I get picked on at work for my well-documented passion for Bojangles. 


What's your best feature?

I have a pretty sweet astronaut tattoo... I also have a tattoo of a pen, poetry passage, constellation, and a quote from one of my favorite authors.


Even though you're unlikely to see KT because she spends most of her day in Breakout Bras' office space, you can be sure she's played a role in making your purchases possible. To meet some of our other awesome employees, stop by the Breakout Bras retail store or contact our customer service  representatives for assistance with online orders!


By Courtney Madeira

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  • KT is the best! <3


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