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Long Live The Bras!

Three Is The Magic Number

Buying a new bra can be a fun, exciting, or even challenging experience. Unfortunately, it can also be an expensive one. Because quality garments are costly, it’s tempting to opt for more cheaply made items. However, what many women fail to understand is that they really only need three bras for daily wear. This number excludes nursing bras and sports bras. Still, if a woman views her purchase as an investment, she is more likely to feel comfortable putting down a little extra cash.

Getting an investment bra means not compromising on fit, comfort, or quality. The average lifespan of a bra that’s being worn every day, is roughly six months, but by creating a rotation with a few well-made bras, one can stretch their lifespans to a couple of years. Not to mention, inexpensive bras frequently poke, fade, and pop wires as a result of cheap materials and poor construction. In contrast, quality bras fit more comfortably and last longer, allowing their wearers to pay attention to important things in their lives, not replacing another lemon of a bra.

All Washed Out

Most women know that washing bras in a machine is a sin, but what they don’t know is how to wash their delicates properly. Some women wash their bras after every single wear. Some women wash their bras with Woolite. Some women are afraid to try and wash their bras at all, and all of these women are cleaning incorrectly. The best way to sanitize a bra is to use a gentle soap and lather up following three or four wears. In fact, there are detergents designed specifically for lingerie, but some fragrance and dye free body washes are gentle enough for delicate undergarments. Additionally , cleaning bras can be convenient if one washes them in the shower and hangs them to dry.

Twist and Pop

The worst thing a woman can do to her bra is twist it. Sadly,a woman can easily ruin her bra by accident, and women everywhere are murdering their delicates by putting them on improperly. It makes sense; maneuvering with hooks behind one’s back can be frustrating. The obvious solution it to hook a bra in the front, twist the bra around, and then flip it up. Unfortunately, this practice is detrimental to the longevity of that bra. It warps and pops wires in the band and cups which causes the bra to fit poorly and lose its ability to support. Additionally, putting on the bra straps before securing everything else can cause the elastic to stretch out and slip down. Though it may seem simple, learning the best practices of putting a bra on can effectively extend the life of that bra by a significant amount of time.

Buying new bras can feel like a major commitment, especially when you’re interested in styles with hefty price tags. However, you can treat your purchase like an investment in your future comfort and confidence by regularly rotating the bras you wear, washing them with the appropriate products, and putting them on properly. You’ll be amazed at what a major difference that these minor changes can make, so if you think you’re ready to buy a new bra, check out Breakout Bras’ huge selection of bras, intimates, and shapewear. Order your favorite items online, or stop by our retail location for a fitting. We hope this guide helps, and we look forward to meeting you soon.

By Courtney Madeira

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