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Meet Alyssa, Sizing Extraordinaire

What sets Breakout Bras apart from other bra and intimate retailers?

We offer professional, complimentary fittings. As our client, you will be paired with one of our highly trained sizing specialists who will walk with you for the duration of your appointment to be sure you find items you love that fit your body and personal style correctly. Want to know more about one of the people dedicated to helping our valued customers feel great about themselves? Meet Alyssa, sizing extraordinaire. 

When asked about her job at Breakout Bras, Alyssa responded, "I've been a sizing specialist since 2017. I help customers find their correctly fitting bras, shapewear, and swimsuits. I also help other team members keep our store clean and create a positive atmosphere for all our visitors." She may be relatively new to the Breakout Bras crew, but Alyssa has already amassed her fair share of glowing customer reviews! 

What does Alyssa do outside of work? 

She goes home to an adorable cat named Tigger. She was given to Alyssa and her husband in April after one of Melissa's (Breakout Bras' owner) cats had a litter of kittens. Alyssa told us, "When I'm getting home from work, she's waiting for me to feed her and play. She loves her toys, but her favorite things to play with are my hair ties, the fringe on my purse, and the strings dangling from my tops." Alyssa added, "Tigger also loves to sit on her dad's lap while he plays video-games." 

To relax, Alyssa's favorite things to do are listen to music, watch The Office, and pray. She explains, "I am a very spiritual person, so my all-time favorite things are prayer and worship music. They help me to relax after a long day." Prayer and music also help Alyssa to start her days off on positive notes (no pun intended). She says the office is her favorite show, and she likes to watch an episode or two when she needs a good laugh. "From time to time," Alyssa says, "I also love grabbing Papa's and Beer with (coworker and friend) Rebekah!

When is Alyssa Happiest? 

Her favorite seasons are fall and winter because she "loves everything about boots, leggings, and sweaters. Plus, " she notes, "Halloween is fun with friends!" Alyssa is not afraid to admit that she loves "pumpkin spice everything and hot chocolate." She even got married last October on Friday the 13th and adds that "it is definitely another reason she loves fall."

Upstaging even Halloween, Alyssa considers Christmas her favorite holiday. She explains, "Presents are fun, but I love the reason for the season and the food!" She described her family's Christmas tradition saying, "Every Christmas Eve we get together at my husband's grandparents' house for gifts and dinner." Then, on Christmas day, she "looks forward to eggs Benedict and the best stocking from Santa (A.K.A. her in-laws)." The Christmas season is "a loving time" for Alyssa. 

 Alyssa might think of Fall, Winter, Halloween, and Christmas as special times of they year, but the rest of the Breakout Bras staff would agree that some of the most special days are the ones spent working with this awesome fitter. She's talented with customers and a joy to be around.

If you stop by the Breakout Bras retail store for a fitting with Alyssa, you're bound to be impressed by her compassion, skill, and upbeat attitude, and even if you aren't close enough to book an appointment, you can still shop our inventory online with the help of one of our on-site customer service experts. Follow Breakout Bras on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram for future updates on new products and sale opportunities. You can even subscribe to our company newsletter or check out our other employee feature blogs to find out more about the incredible people working behind the scenes to make your Breakout Bras experience amazing every time!


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