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Meet Karla, Customer Service Superhero

Unlike many online retailers, Breakout Bras abstains from outsourcing. All of our customer service representatives have years of experience fitting real women in our products. They’re hard at work answering requests and questions in a timely and professional manner. Karla is one of our best and brightest. She’s been with Breakout Bras since April of 2008, and she’s answered a few personal questions to give you, our valued customers, a better perspective of here lively personality.

What do you do at Breakout Bras?

I wear many hats at Breakout Bras, as most employees do. My main responsibility is to be the entertainment, haha! I'm a customer service representative, and I process returns and exchanges for customers making online purchases. I also ship orders and size in-store customers. #shestalented

What is your favorite thing about working at Breakout Bras?

My favorite thing about working here? Can I say the free coffee? Ha! No, it’s making people happy. The look on someone’s face when she realizes that she’s not just at another store that will put her in something that doesn’t fit. I love making non-believers into believers. Everyone can find a bra that fits and flatters. It’s an awesome feeling!

When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I actually wanted to be a marine biologist. I grew up in Florida and LOVE the water. I am, however, scared of drowning which is ironic. I always thought that would be a fun and interesting career.

Have you ever met a celebrity?

Yes! I've met Paula Deen! She's my favorite! More butter y'all!

If you could time-travel to any moment in your past or future, where would you go?

I would time-travel to the births of my children. Becoming a mother was the most amazing experience that I have ever had. I would relive those moments over and over again, the first sights, smells, and touches of my babies. Ahh, I love them!

You know you’re in good hands with Karla on staff, so check us out! Browse Breakout Bras’ huge selection of bras, briefs, maternity wear, and more online, or stop by soon for an in-store fitting. We look forward to meeting you or answering any questions you might have via live chat, phone, or email. Be on the lookout for future employee features and happy shopping!

By Courtney Madeira


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