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No Support Like a Mother's Love

You know that Breakout Bras loves to support mothers on their journeys through life, but did you know that the company's founder Melissa Thomason is also a mom? That's right, Breakout Bras was built on motherhood; in fact, Melissa's mom Betty helped her get the Breakout Bras business ball rolling.



To give our customers and exclusive look into the important role family has played in shaping this company, we spoke to Melissa and Betty about Breakout Bras' development. We also learned a thing or two about its owner, her childhood, and her tenacious determination to let nothing stand in her way!


When asked about her initial opinions of Melissa's decision to launch Breakout Bras, Betty said, "When Melissa told me she was going to start the business selling maternity clothes, I thought it was a great idea but was skeptical about it lasting." Little did Melissa's mom know that eighteen years later the company would still be alive and well. Since its conception in 2000, the store has expanded to include a warehouse space, customer service department, and retail showroom! 



Originally, Betty even worked for her daughter part-time; she recounts, Melissa's "stock was in her garage, and I put up inventory." Eventually, Betty went back to her hospital job, but she jokes that she has "always wondered how it would be if [she] had stayed [at Breakout Bras], " saying, "I would probably be rich by now." It's safe to say that Melissa's mom is beaming with pride over her courageous choice to start her own company!


She explained, "When I think back, I realize what an incredible idea it was and what a leap [Melissa took] to start a business.Not just anybody could make the moves and decisions to keep it going. I know there have been very tough times, but she is a smart, tenacious, and hardworking individual." Even as a child, Melissa stood out from her peers; she often found herself in the corner at school, but the same affinity for talking that got her in trouble now helps Melissa to expound on new business ideas and enthusiastically  collaborate with her vendors. 



As a mother, Betty says Melissa is "a giving and loving person." She adds, "All of her family knows this and loves her. She's a great mother." Melissa's two children are "independent, well-rounded, [and] educated not just in academics, but with travel and real life experiences." Betty wisely noted that "No relationship is perfect, but I know if we need anything, [Melissa] will be there for us and vice versa. The whole family appreciates her and is very proud of her success at Breakout Bras." As with all family businesses, Breakout Bras has certainly influenced her closest relationships, and its brought her whole family closer together. 


Melissa loves her kids so much! She launched her company "pretty much solely so [she] could stay home with them." She loves the flexibility that owning her own business has afforded to her family. She especially loves "traveling and the ability to homeschool her children." Melissa is a huge advocate for self-directed learning, and although neither of her children "are interested in the business," they have their own interests which makes Melissa very happy. She reflects, "I never wanted my dream and life to be their dream and life." Melissa will support her children's unique dreams just as her mother supported her dream to start Breakout Bras. 


For Melissa, Breakout Bras was born out of necessity. When she started nursing, it was impossible to find a bra that fit. She wanted to introduce a company that could "provide moms with nursing bras that fit and support." 18 years later, nursing bras still make up a large segment of Breakout Bras' largest catalog, and it is still one of the company's greatest goals to ease the stress of breastfeeding for new mothers. 


If you want to support a company that values family, browse the expansive selection of mastectomy, nursing bras, sports bras, shapewear, and swimwear at Breakout Bras! 


By Courtney Madeira


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  • I’m so glad I found your site years ago. It allowed me to be a plus-size nursing mama with bras that actually fit and supported.

    Heidi Shirk

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