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Oh Arielle!

After a brief intermission spent working in corporate retail management, Arielle rejoined the Breakout Bras’ team as the store’s general manager! It’s safe to say she’d been sorely missed since her return has been excitedly praised by customers and employees alike. All in all, Arielle has held a special place in the hearts of Breakout Bras’ clients and staff members since 2006 when she started training as a sizing specialist at the ripe age of sixteen. Now that she’s here to stay, we’d like to give you a fuller picture of her fun loving and compassionate personality! Arielle has kindly answered some questions about her life, and we’ve compiled her responses below for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy! 



Do you have a special talent?

“I have a lot of hobbies… I mean a lot! I love making things, and I have mad sewing skills. I love re-creating things that I’ve seen in stores but making them even better. My current projects include making baskets out of chicken wire, sewing a mini buffalo, making a “welcome” pillow, altering a dress that is too large, and finishing a shade for my overhead craft room light. Basically, a crafters work is never done, so I always have many projects going on at once. I love every minute of it... even if my back doesn’t.”


Do you have any children or pets? What do you like to do with them outside of work?

“I don’t have any children yet, but I have several pets. I have a Great Pyrenees named Jasper who is essentially a polar bear. He’s very sweet and enjoys going to the dog park and chewing on sticks. He loves riding in the car and goes anywhere we can take him. He also loves to dance and play with his kitty brothers and sisters.


Jasper’s favorite cat sibling is Herald; she's grey, beautiful, and terrified of the outside world. My cat Lil Fatty is basically a small tiger who loves to sleep at the foot of the bed. My last cat, the mother of the others, is named Mauly. She’s just a tiny panther, and she meows in squeaks. She literally sounds like she’s squeaking when she meows. In addition to my cats and Jasper, I will soon have my own hive of honey bees, and I will have to start naming them... which may take a while.”   


How would you describe your personality in three words?

“Quirky, Energetic, and Patient”


What food could you eat forever without getting sick of it?

“Coconut, I love coconut!  I could eat coconut in anything every day. It’s just a flavor I will never get tired of and I really enjoy.”

*** Staff Note: It’s true! Arielle brings her lunch from home, and there is almost always dried coconut, a bag of coconut cookies, or coconut trail mix in her bag.


If you were going to fill a time-capsule with items that represent you, what would be inside?

“I would include pictures of my husband Shawn, my dog, and all my cats. I would enclose my fabric scissors with the dangling heart charm. I’d put some geode rocks because I love them,  (They are beautiful.) and a brush representing my princess hair. Lastly, I’d drop in a Groot pop figure. I heart Groot. Maybe I’d even add a pineapple figurine since I really love pineapples.”

***Staff Note: Arielle’s desk is littered with pineapples. She has a neon pineapple lamp, a pineapple screensaver, and a pineapple popsocket.



Arielle’s giddy attitude is infectious. She’s one of those people who can brighten your day without even trying, and the customers getting their complimentary fittings at Breakout Bras are absolutely in love with her. If you want to take on the challenge of finding a bra that fits like Cinderella’s glass slipper, Arielle is ready to be your fairy bramother! Stop by to see her and other charming staff members at Breakout Bras today! Can’t make it into the store? Browse our expansive online selection of bras, maternity wear, swimsuits, and more with the help of a customer service representative. We can’t wait to help make your dreams come true!


By Courtney Madeira

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  • Arielle – I am thrilled you are back!!!! I have so missed you, Girl. You are awesome – over the top experiences each and every time you helped me. Breakout Bras rocks, but just wasn’t quite the same without you. Welcome back!!

    Michalena Gaines

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