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Swimming in Anxiety

While warm weather may excite some women, others watch the calendar pages nervously as they turn towards escalated insecurities and the formidable task of swimwear shopping.

Finding a bathing suit is easy, but finding one that fits is a different story. Innumerable stores across America launch swimwear lines each year. They’re conveniently available at stores like Target, Kohl’s, Victoria’s Secret, American Eagle’s Aerie, Old Navy, and Macy’s. However, these locations typically carry standard sizes ranging from either A-DD or XS-XL which ignore the existence of bustier women. Even some ladies who could technically wear conventional swim sizes struggle to find items they love because their chests are disproportionate to their hips.

Total Defeat

Still, what girl doesn’t want to chill on the beach with her closest friends or recline by the pool with her beau? A woman works with the body she’s got in an attempt to enjoy the same summer fun as her bright-eyed best friend who buys whatever swimsuit she wants without so much as a trip to the dressing room. The well-endowed women of the world do the best they can, yanking on straps, sucking in stomachs, and dejectedly handing store clerks piles and piles of pieces that just “didn’t work out.”

These girls give it their best shot; they drive around town, visiting store after store in hopes of scoring suits that flatter their bodies without threatening to fly off with one wrong move. They order online, meticulously taking measurements for sizing charts and doing their best to buy correct sizes, but lacking customer service options make success difficult to achieve. These swimwear soldiers do everything within their power to keep their spirits high as they are forced to cope with one crushing disappointment after another, and then they realize that their family vacations are speedily approaching like roaring dragons set to kill.

Making Do

They make do. Time runs out. Something has to be done, so the formerly optimistic shoppers shuffle defeatedly to their local shops and pick out whatever blah bathing suits will disguise their insecurities. The girl who once envisioned herself slaying in the sand ends up camouflaging her curves with a crocheted shawl and an oversized hat. She sits out on games of beach volleyball and other fun activities. She tries to distract herself from her own insecurities, but she feels like her ill-fitting suit has put her flaws on display. She smiles. At least the summer sun’s rays will eventually fade. At least she won’t have to feel like this forever. This girl used to love sunshine, but now she avoids it at all costs.

A Better Way

There has to be a better way, and there is. Breakout Bras allows women of all shapes to experience life’s joys, regardless of their chest or hip measurements. We believe that trendy looks are not reserved for bodies compliant with generic sizing guides. Our trained fitters are dedicated to finding the right style for every customer because no woman should have to compromise on aesthetics to maintain comfort and peace of mind. We have UK designs that feature tighter bands and larger cups to provide clients with maximum support, and we purchase from vendors like Freya, Fantasie, Elomi, Curvy Kate, Body Glove, and Panache to stay up to date with the hottest new fashion trends in the swimwear industry.

With our help, women needn’t bite their nails at the sight of the sun; instead, they can celebrate their differences and join in on every game of beach volleyball from now until the end of time… or until dropping temperatures rudely interrupt the fun. If you’re local and want to change the way you see swimsuit season, book your appointment online today! Otherwise you can contact our in-house customer service representatives for advice on your online orders, and be sure to follow us on social media to stay up to date on our latest promotions and styles.

By Courtney Madeira

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