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The Trendy Dress and All Its Drama

Springtime calls for hours spent outdoors, closet clearouts, and dress shopping escapades. High schoolers plan their outlandish promposals and browing Pinterest in search of the perfect accessories. Designers are sketching ensembles that they hope will become the next hot trends, and all the while undergarments are being sorely forgotten.

We’ve all flipped through glossy magazine pages and caught glances of celebrities on the big screen; they saunter confidently down red carpets in fabulous gowns, dawning bare shoulders and spines. They stand absolutely regal as they pose for pictures and give interviews, but the question that nobody ever asks is, “What do you wear under a dress with no back?” Pasties? Adhesive bras? Double-sided tape? These options aren’t open to women with large,even medium sized breasts. They deserve to feel beautiful for their special days too, so what’s a girl to do?

First of all, think before you buy! Don’t get star struck and googly eyed when you see your reflection in a department store changing stall because you’re falling in love with a dress that won’t love your body type. Stop to consider what sort of coverage and support you’ll be expecting from your undergarments on your evening out. If you’re hoping to keep your breasts lifted and secured, you probably want to avoid going the strapless, backless, strappy route with your gown. You need a dress that’s going to make you feel astoundingly beautiful, and anxiety surrounding unbound boobs could potentially detract from the magic of an otherwise memorable night.  

Obviously, it can be hard to remember such practical details when one’s draped in a beautiful ball gown or form fitting sheath, but a little self-restraint goes a long way. Skilled shoppers have the foresight to think of their bodies before hitting the racks. These ladies evaluate the types of dresses that what not only mimic celebrity trends but also flatter their curves and support their busts. It can be quite the challenge since designers of formal attire are not necessarily in the business of constructing functional garments. Instead, they’re trying to shock and sell with extra straps, unusual cutouts, and sheer paneling. Unfortunately, these non-essentials can woo  customers only to become the details that break their hearts.

We see it all the time at Breakout Bras. Young women giddy for their upcoming proms turn to our fitters in hopes of finding help; they’ve already purchased dresses designed with nothing to hold up the girls, and they’ve got buyers remorse caused by a fear of suffering wardrobe malfunctions. We certainly do our best to rise to the challenge, but at the end of the day, our fitters aren’t magicians. We can’t make our supportive styles invisible. We can’t make our sticky styles supportive, and we can’t take a dress intended for bare breasted women feel comfortable to ladies yearning for stronger coverage.

What we can do, however, is encourage young ladies still shopping for dresses to choose very carefully. Make wise decisions that will suit your unique personalities and undergarment needs! This exercise will land you with dresses that make you feel cute, confident, and comfortable. We promise that if you look hard enough, there are plenty of attractive options that would be compatible with either traditional or strapless bra styles, and once you do find that perfect dress, you can trust Breakout Bras to hook you up with the most compatible bra. Happy shopping!

 By Courtney Madeira

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