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We Sell Sports Bras!

Breakout Bras has been serving Greenville locals and online customers since 2000, and we are dedicated to helping our clients find the perfect fits for their unique body types! If you’re on the hunt for a sports bra that’s both functional and flattering, take a look at our impressive selection online or in-store.


Don’t let a poorly fitting, supportive bra be the hurdle that keeps you from reaching your fitness goals!


To give our customers the greatest opportunity to find sport styles that meet their specific needs, Breakout Bras works with multiple vendors to curate a selection of diverse sports bra shapes and sizes. Our top selling sport brands are Anita, Enell, and Panache, but Elomi, Valmont, Cake, and Hotmilk also offer some alternative options; each company provides a different set of valuable assets such as support, compression, and moisture wicking materials. Read the descriptions below to discover which sport style is right for you!



Anita’s sport line offers both traditional compression and encapsulation sports bras in a range of larger sizes than those available in typical sporting goods retailers. These are high-impact garments that will reduce movement during physical activity. Anita bras are extremely supportive, and they feature adjustable straps and a J-hook fastener that affords women additional security. These bras are made from quality fabrics that won’t easily rip, chafe, or ride up.


An Anita style might be right for you if you’re hoping to find something comparable to trendy sports bras commonly sold through popular brands like Nike, Adidas, and Under Armour but struggle to fit into their size ranges. The majority of Anita’s garments offer moderate to high-impact security as well as full-coverage. Breakout Bras carries this brand in band sizes 30”-42” and cup sizes AA-H. We offer numerous colors and designs to flatter as many silhouettes as possible.



Enell is the original high-impact sports bra company. Its bras were originally designed to meet the needs of Equestriennes competing in event on horseback. These women needed garments that would firmly restrict their breasts’ movement during even the most intense maneuvers. Enell’s sports bras include a convenient front-closure design and moisture wicking fabrics.  


An Enell style might be right for you if you’re on the hunt for a sports bra that will hold your breasts tightly against your body to deter as much movement as possible.While the Enell's design looks unique in comparison to other sports bras, there's no denying it's effectively supportive! The Enell is available in a variety of bright colors and essential basics. Customers ordering an Enell should use the sizing chart measurements to determine which size (00-8) will fit best. While Enell's original style is a high-impact sports bra, a “Lite” version that can be worn during light exercise or as an everyday leisure bra. 



Panache sports bras innovatively provide high caliber support and security without compromising on aesthetics. Women wearing these bras are pleased with their modern designs and comfortable padding. Its bold colors and trendy prints appeal to a wide audience, and Panache sports bras are beloved by many for their separating cups which help wearers avoid the dreaded uni-boob look. This brand seves women well with its feminine shapes and expansive range of inclusive sizes.


A Panache style might be right for you if you can’t stand the traditional sports bra shaping. If the uni-boob is your arch nemesis, you’ll be thrilled to see how Panache styles separate and stabilize your breast during intense workouts. Panache’s signature style is available in both an underwire and non-wire version; it is also sold in several bright colors, bold prints, and simple basics. Breakout Bras carries band sizes 28”-40” and cup sizes B-J.



Like Panache, Elomi produces a sports bra which encapsulates a woman’s breasts to give her a distinctly feminine shape. The “Energise” affords the same great separation that customers can find in Panache bras. However, the Elomi styles do not include foam padding, and the “Energise” has more containment/ coverage value, especially in its larger size versions.


The “Energise”  might work for you if, you want to avoid a uni-boob shape but decide the Panache sports bra isn't right for you. It also offers the most containment for full-figured women and is slightly more secure during high-impact activities. The Elomi "Energise" even features an adjustable J-hook closure that creates a more defined shape and affords a higher caliber of support. 



High-intensity exercises like running, CrossFit, and zumba are great, but sometimes you just want to take it easy with some light yoga, a walk, or a lazy day lounging around the house in something comfortable.


A Valmont style might be right for you if comfort is your top priority. Its soft cotton fabric, breathable mesh, and simple design encourages relaxation. Its affordable price point encourages you to give the bra a try.



Because workouts don't have to end at pregnancy. A few of Breakout Bras’ favorite vendors offer sports styles with nursing capabilities. For example, the Cake “Zest” incorporates a flex wire that supports women during light to moderate activities. Its encapsulated shape makes the “Zest” a great option for daily wear.



Additionally, the Hotmilk “Activate” supports women during light exercise as well as leisure activities. This bra is a great lounge style for nursing mothers trying to get some yoga or light walking in as they tend to their new babies.


Keep in mind that nursing sports bras are not designed to fit like traditional compression sports bras because consistent pressure on a new mother’s milk ducts puts her at high risk for mastitis. Breastfeeding women can still participate in high-impact exercise as long as their doctors have approved; these women can still wear traditional sports bras like the Enell and “Energise” at the gym as long as they do not keep the bras on for long periods of time.


Regardless of your workout preferences, Breakout Bras is sure to carry a sports bra style that works to unite your fitness goals with your current body type. It is our goal to show customers it is possible to exercise while wearing not two, but one sports bra. Whether you’re after compression or a feminine shape, Breakout Bras is dedicated to meeting your needs. Come in for a fitting with one of our highly-trained sizers or order online with the help of our on-site customer service representatives. We look forward to hearing from you soon, and happy shopping!


By Courtney Madeira

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  • This was really helpful! I am working out more and have lost weight and I have really been needing a new sports bra for a while. I know which bra I want now (this blog had perfect timing for me). I’m just going to chat with your customer service to be sure I get the right size. Just wanted to say thank you for the information! :)


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