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What to Do When Most Bras Aren’t for You

The Measuring Tape

Every woman who’s ever shopped for bras has squirmed under the scrutinizing eyes of a cotton-headed woman or a perky sales representative in a department store fitting room. We’ve all stood under the cold fluorescent lighting in dressing room stalls as these employees gingerly wrapped measuring tapes around our budding breasts. Typically, adolescent girls get measured when they are ready to transition from training bras to bras with more padding or underwires, and a person uses a measuring tape to determine size. She measures around her rib cage, just below her breasts to find her band size. Then, she measures around her breasts, subtracting this measurement from the first to determine her cup size. The process is simple; however, it is not always effective. Many young girls find that, according to traditional AA-DD sizes, retailers have nothing for them. These adolescents wander the aisles of big box stores and mall shops without much assistance, and their poor mothers do everything they can to help, but they’re pretty clueless too.

The Great Divide

While bras on the racks of the nearest mall may be trendy, they unfortunately can’t cater to every lady looking to buy. Instead, many women find themselves in the underwear outlands; their measurements show their breasts are either too large or too small for conventional bands and cup sizes. Thus, these deflated dames turn to online shopping or settle for garments that simply don’t fit. They sag. They stab. They fail to support, and they leave disappointed beauties wrestling with a variety of ongoing irritations.

For example, busty ladies buying ill-fitting garments face both health risks and aesthetic challenges. They not only risk insomnia, back pain, neck pain, fibrocystic tissue, tingling arms, chafing, abrasions, and more, but they also have to deal with unappealing bouncing and spillage. In contrast, women with petite frames address different but equally annoying issues. Straps fall down, bands ride up, and unfilled cups create awkward gaping under clothes.

Online retailers offer some relief from these nuisances, but buying underwear online is not always ideal. Unreliable sizing charts can result in ordering garments that don’t fit. Women wait patiently for their packages to arrive only to find that the items inside have been badly constructed with poor quality materials, and many online vendors are difficult to contact as a result of poor customer service practices. Naturally, not all eCommerce sites share these pitfalls. It is possible to hit the jackpot and order a garment is beautifully stitched and well fitted; however,finding an online retailer with knowledgeable, dependable, and accessible representatives can prove to be a challenging task.

The Promised Land

Breakout Bras caters specifically to women whose breasts do not conform to traditional sizes. Founder Melissa Thomason started the company online in 2000 after feeling frustrated by her inability to find bras that fit and supported her body. She opened a retail store shortly after;it’s now located at 565 Woodruff Road, and it is anything but typical.

Unlike most lingerie stores, Breakout Bras sizes in-store clients by sight, no measuring tapes allowed! Why? Customers coming in for fittings often have misconceptions about their correct sizes. These women have either been misinformed by past measurements, or they’ve been coping in ill-fitting bras for so long that they no longer have a true sense of what fits and what doesn’t. The trained fitters at Breakout Bras are not intimidated by any body. Trim, tall, big, small, these fabulous ladies have seen it all! They aren’t concerned with letters or numbers; instead, the fitters at Breakout Bras prioritize people over sizes. Some women being fitted might have the exact same measurements, but the shapes of their rib cages and shoulders differ immensely. Breakout Bras’ fitters are likely to choose completely different styles for these women to flatter their unique body sizes, breast shapes, and breast volumes.  

Online Options

Additionally, the Breakout Bras digital store is the Holy Grail of online merchandise. Unlike many eCommerce sites, the customer service features on are personal. All customer service representatives work from the store’s retail location and are armed with years of experience with its product inventory. They can offer advice and answer any specific questions an online shopper might have regarding an item’s unique fit using the site’s live chat line. Shoppers can also contact helpful representatives via phone or email. This availability is crucial to customers who are unable to visit a brick and mortar shop but are relying on its seasoned staff to make dreams of finding a fabulously fitting bra a reality.

Breakout Bras’ warehouse is a sea of gorgeous product that houses something for almost every size, shape, and style. This expansive selection of inventory, is available for both online and in-store customers. The store offers an ever-growing selection of intimates, shape-wear, and accessories, so being an underwear outcast is a thing of the past! With one simple visit, a customer is able to get properly fitted by competent, caring individuals. These professionals work tirelessly to help clients find garments they will truly treasure.  

The Final Step

In conclusion, if you have suffered under the strains of underwear shopping, it’s time to end the torture. Stop ordering items you likely won’t wear. Stop settling for garments that squish, spill, and dig. Stop believing that you are exempt from the right to feel supported and beautiful. Book an appointment to visit Breakout Bras of Greenville’s physical location, or contact one of our customer service representatives for advice on online ordering. It’s fast and easy to find the right fit online, over the phone, or in person. While Breakout Bras does accept walk-in visitors, you can book an appointment online to cut down on wait time. We look forward to meeting you soon and to helping you find something that will give you newfound confidence and support!

 By Courtney Madeira

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