Belly Ups The Original Maternity Suspender - Black
Belly Ups The Original Maternity Suspender - Black Belly Ups Nude Black Nude

Belly Ups! The Original Maternity Suspenders

$13.50 USD

Melissa's Comments

For these to work correctly, your bra needs to be fitted well enough so it doesn't shift around on your body. They are adjustable so they are great for any size belly and for short or tall women. They work with anything you want to wear that needs to stay up but were originally designed for low-rise jeans and pants. These are also great for women who just can't wear a belt or have pressure against the waist but still want their pants to stay in place.
BELLY UPS! keep your low-rise pants and leggings up! Undetectable under clothing, totally comfortable, and not at all damaging to your favorite clothing, BELLY UPS are a "must have" for any woman!

Originally designed for pregnant women, you most definitely DO NOT have to be pregnant to wear them. They just WORK.

One size fits most. Choose from Black or Nude.

Made from the finest nylon elastic.

Machine washable. Line Dry.