Body Glove "Artefact" Solo Bikini Top #3942915D
Body Glove "Artefact" Solo Bikini Top #3942915D Body Glove "Artefact" Solo Bikini Top #3942915D

Body Glove "Artefact" Solo Bikini Top #3942915D

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Melissa's Comments

The “Solo” top will accommodate technically any band size, which is really awesome. The cups are based on US sizing, but they are very generous. If you wear US-sized bras, order the cup size you typically wear. If you prefer UK-sized bras, consider the following before placing your order:

First, I really wouldn't recommend this top for anyone over a 34 band. The back is an adjustable string that doesn’t provide much support for fuller band sizes, and it can become uncomfortable after a while. If you have a difficult time getting a band small and firm enough to stay in place (a common problem for women in the 26-30 band range), then you will probably love this top!

Again, these cups are very generous. A stated D cup should accommodate up to a DD cup size, and a stated DD cup should accommodate from about an E to F UK cup size. Fuller sizes are estimated, and depend a lot on your breast shape/fullness. A stated E cup should accommodate from UK FF-G cup size. A stated F cup should accommodate from UK GG-H cup sizes.

If you have very soft breasts, note that this is a plunge style. You may find a better fit in a Panache or Freya style if you normally have problems with your softer breast tissue sliding or scooting out of plunge styles, or if you have a lot of side tissue.
The Body Glove "Artefact" Solo Bikini Top #3942915D is bold, sporty, and versatile. Convertible straps provide a cross-backed option, and underwire cups offer exceptional support for a worry-free day in the sun. This top also features removable soft cups—leave them in for modesty and shaping, or remove them for a more form-fitting look! 

• Available from D to DDD(F) cups
• Convertible back provides a perfect fit
• Removable soft cups
• Underwire provides shape and support