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Bravado Designs Original Maternity-Nursing Bra

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Melissa's Comments

The Bravado Original Maternity/Nursing Bra has been a best-seller since I opened by store up back in 2000. That speaks for itself. Word of mouth has grown this company by leaps and bounds. And for good reason. These bras are excellent for comfort while pregnant and nursing. I think these are one of the top choices to use as a transitional bra (A bra that fits in the last months of pregnancy but can still be used after the birth when your size changes). Plus there are basic and fun color options! If you must have padding/lining, get the Body Silk. If you need a fuller size range, get the Custom.

The classic material is 92% cotton and 8% spandex so that it can hug and conform to all of your curves, even when your body undergoes changes during pregnancy or nursing. The Bravado Designs Original Maternity-Nursing Bra has been a long time favorite recommendation of health care professionals, and with the easy to use drop cups, your child gets ample skin to skin contact, which is often recommended for proper nursing. This bra is available in different styles to give you exactly what you need as you progress through the different stages of pregnancy into nursing.

• Available in a range of sizes to accommodate different body types
• Long time best seller and health care recommendation
• Comfortable and easy to use drop cup clasps
• Available in White, Butterscotch, Black, Blush, and Leopard

The Bravado! Original Maternity / Nursing bra comes in a beautiful Leopard print and 4 great basic colors (White, Black, Blush, and Butterscotch/Nude. There are 3 styles. Basic, Plus, and Double Plus. BASIC - When light to moderate support is all you need. Criss-cross styling. PLUS - When you need more support for heavier breasts. Double Plus - When you need maximum support and coverage for heavier breasts.

Common Features of all 3 Styles * 92% cotton / 8% spandex blend fabric * Sports bra styled back that provides excellent upper-middle back support and holds straps in place * Clasps that lie flat under close fitting clothing and can be opened and closed with one hand * Cups that drop fully away from breast, giving the baby complete access * Adjustable shoulder straps * Wide under elastic that provides even weight distribution and under-breast support and doesn't ride up or slip

Unique Features of Basic Style * Seamless cups

Unique Features of Plus Style * Double fabric side panel in cup for extra support * Seam in cup runs to the side of the nipples

Unique Features of Double Plus Style * Solid front style for maximum support and even weight distribution great for sleeping! * Double fabric side panel in cup for extra support * Seam in cup runs to the side of the nipple * Wide shoulder straps for extra comfort *

Bravado Designs Nursing Bra Conversion Kit (BCK) is included with your purchase of The Original Nursing Bra – Basic, Plus & Double Plus, The Bliss Nursing Bra, or The Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra. The BCK gives you the option to convert your Bravado Designs nursing bra(s) to a "regular bra" once you have completed your nursing journey and want to extend the life of your Bravado nursing apparel.


92% cotton / 8% spandex blend fabric