Bravado Designs Washable Breast Pads
Bravado Designs Washable Breast Pads Bravado Washable Breast Pads

Bravado Designs Washable Breast Pads

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Melissa's Comments

These nursing pads are ideal for women who tend to leak a lot and go through too many of the thinner or disposable pads. These are a little thicker than most similar products, and they’re very absorbent. If you prefer thinner nursing pads for daytime wear, these are still perfect for nighttime use.
The 4 layer Bravado Designs Breast Pad is an innovative, absorbent terry-cloth pad with "stay-dry" properties.

Features include:

Two layers of absorbent, terry-cloth. Terry-cloth is a very absorbent fabric. In fact, one layer of terry-cloth is equivalent to two layers of flannel, which makes it a perfect choice for our thirsty breast pad. Darts ensure a form-fitting shape, while the outer layer is cream color to keep your pads clean and fresh looking.

A middle layer of white terry-cloth. A specific absorbent zone was created by adding an extra semi-circle layer of terry-cloth below the nipple area, giving the pad an overall trim appearance without compromising absorbency.

A Cool Max mesh layer that lies against your skin. Cool Max fabric was designed for athletic wear and is specifically formulated to move moisture away from the skin. This promotes air circulation and keeps the sensitive nipple area dry. Studies have shown that Cool Max takes less than half the time to dry as cotton.

**6 Pads Per Box**