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Enell LITE Sports Bra #101
Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (Black) Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (Ecru) Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (Hope Pink) Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (White) Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (Hope Pink) Enell LITE Sports Bra #101 (White)

Enell LITE Sports Bra (101)

Please refer to the size chart for your correct Enell size. Size Chart
80.00 USD
Hope Pink

Melissa's Comments

This is another fantastic bra by Enell. The original Enell High Impact Sports bra is excellent for higher energy exercise but this Enell LITE bra is perfect for lower to moderate impact activities.I also really like this as an every day, all day bra for those who want great support and comfort. The fabric is much softer and more flexible than the original Enell, and the front and back are cut a little lower. Both bras are seamed, but the seams on the LITE bra soften and flatten after just a couple of wears so you can wear it under almost all of your shirts. It has almost a matte finish instead of the shiny finish of the original. The sizing is very accurate so take your measurements and order according to the size chart listed above.

Regardless of whether you buy this as a sports bra or an everyday bra, you will love this bra! I highly recommend it. Even at the higher price.
The wide, non-stretch straps give even, well-distributed support through the soft microfiber comfort cups that feature a suede-like inner lining. The Enell Lite Low-to-Medium Impact Sports Bra is built for all day support that wont irritate your skin. The easy to use front clasp adds definition to the soft shape this silky sports bra offers. Breathable, moisture-wicking material keeps you cool and dry, making this bra a great option for activities like yoga or chores, but the light-weight and comfortable lift pair well for normal activity, especially going to work or lazing around. The cross back design aids with proper posture, so even heavier breasts will be supported in this sports bra.

Available from 00 to size 8
Breathable, moisture-wicking material
Wide non stretch straps distribute weight
Available in White, Black, Pink, and Ecru
Front clasp for ease of use

The smooth microfiber body is 84% Nylon and 16% Spandex.

Super soft, suede microfiber lining is 76% Nylon and 24% Spandex.


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