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Enell Sports Bra #100 (Black)
Enell Sports Bra #100 (Black) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Ecru) Enell Sports Bra (100)- Blue Lagoon Enell Sports Bra #100 (Hope Pink) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Ecru) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Coral) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Biscay Green) Enell Sports Bra (Rock It Red) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Silver Splash) Enell Sports Bra #100 (White) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Black) Enell Sports Bra (100)- Blue Lagoon Enell Sports Bra #100 (Hope Pink) Enell Sports Bra Biscay Green Enell Sports Bra (Rock It Red) Enell Sports Bra #100 (Silver Splash) Enell Sports Bra #100 (White)

Enell Sports Bra (100)

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Blue Lagoon
Hope Pink
Silver Splash
Biscay Green
Rock It Red
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Melissa's Comments

Enell is the ORIGINAL high impact sports bra. The fabric is thick but feels great against the skin, and it wicks moisture really well. Since Enell fits based on your rib cage and bust measurements per size, you're going to get a really secure, compressing fit on the bust. It'll look a bit like a uni-boob because it packs your bust firmly against your body to control bounce, and it does a GOOD job at holding you in place. If you really don't like that uni-boob look, then you'll want to get a sports style from one of our other brands that lists the specific band and cup size you need.

I will say that this style is VERY comfortable. The arm area is more open than other options, and the broad underbust band doesn't flip or roll.

Enell bras also work REALLY well for women with limited mobility or upper body weakness or who have trouble with range of motion in their shoulder area. Many of our busty retail customers who come in just wanting something that will hold their bust weight well without a wire try Enell on and refuse to take it off because they love how it feels!
Breakout Bras supports active lifestyles and believes that customers of all shapes and sizes should feel free to workout without fear of jiggling, flopping, or bouncing. Due to the discomfort and lack of support provided by most sports bras on the market, many women double up to hit the gym, layering one ill-fitting bra on top of another. Sure, its a nuisance, but whats a busty girl to do? The answer: invest an an Enell sports bra!

Enell initially developed its sport styles for use in equestrian sports; riders needed bras that would hold them securely in even the most high-impact situations. This product has even been endorsed by Oprah. Its a compression style, so breast tissue is fully contained and held close to the chest. The Enells reinforced front closure hook and eye design makes fastening the tightly fitting garment a breeze, and non-wire and racerback versions of the style offer women who love this bra some variety.

This style combines high quality materials and construction to build a bra thats as comfortable as it is durable. A heavy-duty, thick elastic band ensures the garment stays in place and supports during intense movement, and stretch-resistant shiny material holds breasts firmly against the body. Meanwhile the bras breathable microfiber and moisture-wicking technology helps women avoid dampness and chafing. Strategically placed, reinforced seams also enhance comfort by giving women additional back support and improved posture.

Customers can take advantage of the Enell sports bra is an array of circumstances. Being available in racerback and its original vest style means that this bra can easily be worn with most sports apparel and everyday clothing. Conversely, the non-wire version doubles as a leisure bra, perfect for light tasks or lounging around the house. This bras multitude of style and color options makes it easy for customers to find one that compliments their personal style tastes!

  • Available in sizes 00-8 (consult size guide before purchase)
  • Compression bra
  • Prevents bouncing, shaking, or jiggling
  • Durable, quality materials
  • Moisture-wicking technology
  • Available in non-wire and racerback styles
  • Available in various colors
  • Reinforced front-closure
Material Content: 90% Nylon 10% LYCRA Spandex

Manufacturer Recommended Washing Instructions: For best results, wash separately in cold water using gentle cycle or hand wash. Do not bleach or use fabric softeners.
*Hook up the front of your bra completely or place in a mesh bag to avoid the hook and eye closure from catching in the holes of the washer drum.
Lay flat or hang dry for best results. Do not machine dry, heat will break down the spandex fibers.

Please note that Breakout Bras recommends hand washing and line drying Enell bras. We do not recommend putting these bras in a machine, regardless of the type of machine or the wash cycle chosen. This is to maximize the life of your purchase!