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Fashion Care Bra Back Converter #70025

$10.00 USD

Melissa's Comments

This works well if you have a shirt or dress and your bra band is JUST BARELY too tall across the center. It'll angle it down to hide well, but you should keep in mind that this will also pull the front of your bra down just a little too.
If you have large breasts and want to stay lifted in a lower back dress, this is not going to help you. Try a longline bra with a slightly lower back panel than a regular bra would offer, or consider other options for hiding your bra back so that you stay lifted in the front!
For lowering the bra back when wearing low back and backless fashions. The Bra Back Converter lowers the back band by 2 to 3 inches so it will not be seen. It attaches around the front waist area and has an adjustable slider for added comfort. 1 Hook.