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Fashion Care "Hide-A-Strap" 3 Pack #60005

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Melissa's Comments

This beats that 'As Seen On TV' thing that's hard plastic, for sure. If you have sloped shoulders or very narrow shoulders, and your bra straps slip off, even in the correct size, this will be the best purchase you've made since buying correctly fitted bras from Breakout Bras!
This little strap loops around both bra straps. It can be worn as loose or tight as you want, and it can be worn as high or low as you want. If you have a racerback shirt or dress, you don't have to hunt down a racerback bra that is in your correct size- just slip this onto the straps of your favorite bra and adjust it to the tightness you need to pull your straps together in the center.
If you don't need it for a specific dress/shirt, but you have narrow/sloped shoulders that cause your straps to slide off even when fully tightened, you can loosen this strap out all the way, which will just barely pull your bra straps in, but keeps them secure and unmoving on your shoulders all day.
Wear different sleeveless fashions with confidence. Made of a soft, durable fabric, the Fashion Care hide-a-strap pulls the bra straps together in the back, by wrapping around them and clipping back on itself. The adjustable slider allows for a perfect fit and comfort. 3-Pack includes Black, Nude, and White.

• One size fits most
• Adjustable slider allows for a perfect fit
• Wraps around straps to pull them together
• Soft, durable fabric for all day comfort
Manufacturer Recommended Washing Instructions: Hand wash.
Breakout Bras Recommended Washing Instructions: Same as manufacturer.