741 Mom-Ez Support Belt
741 Mom-Ez Support Belt 741 Mom-Ez Support Belt Detail 2 White

Mom-EZ Maternity Back Support Belt

$40.00 USD

Melissa's Comments

THESE RUN BIG SO YOU SHOULD ORDER THE SMALLER SIZE IF YOU ARE TRYING TO DECIDE BETWEEN 2 SIZES. This is the best support garment for women experiencing pains and pressures associated with carrying a baby. Those shoulder-harness styles don't work as well, because even though it lifts the belly some, it redistributes the pressure onto your shoulders- pulling at another part of your back. This is the most recommended support belt, ever.
Here are some of the benefits of using the Mom-EZ Maternity Back Support Belt:

1. By gently lifting the abdomen so pressure can be relieved from the low back area.

2. By providing compression and support to the lumbar (low back) region, pain can be reduced and pregnant life can be more comfortable. This compression also creates warmth and increased blood flow to the low back, thus encouraging flexible muscles and therapeutic healing.

3. By providing support and compression to the hips, the garment helps to stabilize the weakened hip area and reduce pain.

4. By helping with proper posture, the Mom-Ez (tm) maternity back support relieves stress to the body by encouraging proper body positioning (a forward pelvic tilt and more erect posture) and movements (lifting, twisting, etc.)

Hip Size Dress Size
S (up to 36") (up to 8)
M (36 to 40") (8-14)
L (over 40") (14 - 20)
XL (over 46") (22 +)