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The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack
The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack Tan/Black The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack Nude/Black The NuBra TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack Nude/Nude

The NuBra (TPC F700 Feather-Lite Travel Pack)

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Melissa's Comments

NuBra is the highest quality for adhesive bras, and even ladies with sensitive skin tend to be able to wear this without issues. The broad curved shape allows for better control and hold on the bust, since you can get a smooth hug on the side of the breast and under instead of just in the center. It gives a pulled together shape rather than just sticking and flattening.
This handy combo pack includes two pairs of Feather-Lite Nubra adhesive bras, plus a NuBra cleanser.
  • Available from A to DD(E) cups
  • Three color combo options
  • Made in USA of imported fabric
  • Each pack includes one 2 oz. bottle of NuBra cleanser
Material Content: 30% Polyester, 30% Polyurethane Foam, 40% Silicon Adhesive

Manufacturer Recommended Washing Instructions:
Always wash your NuBra after each wear to remove any body oil or other residues that may clog the surface of the adhesive. DO NOT MACHINE WASH OR DRY.

While holding one bra cup in the palm of your hand, wet the adhesive surface with warm water and add a small amount of NuBra Adhesive Cleanser or mild soap. Gently use the palm of your other hand to create a circular motion to clean the adhesive and the adhesive edges. DO NOT USE your fingernails, as this can cause a tear in the adhesive.

Rinse the bra cup with warm water to remove all soap residues. Shake off all excess water and AIR DRY. DO NOT USE A TOWEL OR BLOW DRYER TO DRY.

When your NuBra is completely air dried, neatly place it inside the clear travel case and cover the lid. This will prevent dust and lint from gathering on the adhesive. The better you care for your NuBra the longer it will last.

Breakout Bras Recommended Washing Instructions: Same as manufacturer.


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