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Bras for People With Physical Limitations


There are many reasons why someone could have physical challenges putting on a typical bra -- arthritis, disabilities that hinder range of motion in your arms and/or hands, broken wrists, hands, or arms, or multiple types of surgical recovery -- just to name a few. Depending on your range of motion, there are several different styles that we recommend for these issues. Several of these bra styles are technically labelled as post-op bras, however, don't let that fool you. These bras provide great support and are very accessible for those with other physical limitations.

For someone who has limited shoulder rotation, fastening your bras behind your back may prove to be difficult. The solution we recommend is to opt for front-closure styles. The Leading Lady 110 is an excellent bra that hooks in the front instead of the back, as well as Anita's Salvia. If the customer is a fuller cup size, the Enell Lite bra is a great front closure option and a long-time bestseller. There’s also the Lynn, by Anita, that front fastens with a zipper, and Savona Cathy, by Cosabella, that front fastens with Velcro, if hooks are too hard to manage.

If you have a wider range of motion with your shoulders but not in your hands or fingers, a pull over style, like an Evelyn and Bobbie or a Cosabella bralette, would be ideal. We also carry multiple post-op bras by Anita and CareFix, that are designed for recovering from breast surgery. (More details on post-op bra fitting coming soon.) You can also always schedule an in-person or virtual fitting appointment if you have any further questions.


The author, Kelly Gaines, has worked 12 years in the special needs field, providing Occupational Therapy training as an Early Interventionist, and as a personal aide for a person who has Cerebral Palsy. She also has four years of experience as a Breakout Bras bra fitter.