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Customer Testimonials

I was so pleased with the staff when I walked in. They were so nice and helpful and made me feel comfortable. I still cannot believe they had my size. Breakout Bras, you rock!


If it had not been for them, my boobs would be lost in a gravitational pull.


My grab bag is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself while swimsuit shopping! They were even able to get me something in my requested color to match bottoms I already had. Everything fits! And it shipped early! I can’t wait to try more grab bags.


This place is great! I’ve always struggled finding the right bra, because I’m a relatively petite person who is overly-blessed up top. I’ve never had such a quick and actually GREAT experience bra shopping, I’ve always dreaded it! I’ll definitely be back for some swim wear and more bras!


One of best places to get perfect size that you can’t find in store.


We had such an amazing experience with all the ladies at this store. The personal one-on-one attention was fantastic. They truly wanted you to leave with something that made you feel great.


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Breakout Bras is dedicated to helping every woman find her perfect fit. We carry a large range of bra sizes, from small bras to large cup bras and everything in between. Visit us in-store for a complimentary fitting, or use our online sizing tools to get started on your own.

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We Sell Sports Bras!

We Sell Sports Bras!

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