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Why Insisting on only Smooth, Seamless T-shirt Styles Severely Limits Your Options and Almost Always Results in An Inferior Fit

Title with models wearing seamed and seamless bras

Here at Breakout Bras, we carry one of the largest bra size selections anywhere in the country. We carry 26–56 bands and AA–P cups. Our size range results in one of the best fittings available! So how is it that you sometimes feel like we don’t have much to offer? It could have something to do with your bra requirements and/or preferences.

Most people are used to the bras that department stores and bigger retailers offer, which consist of mostly seamless, t-shirt-type bras that only go to DD or DDD in the cups, so they come in asking for what’s familiar. We also completely understand that most women want a smooth look under their clothes, but what they don’t realize is that this limits their access to over 90% of the other bras that we offer, most of which would give them a significantly better fit. That’s right, 90 percent!

Seams are not there to irritatingly show through your favorite outfits. Seams are there for shaping, supporting, and lifting your breasts—something a seamless bra just doesn’t offer. The seams will bring your breast in and up, whereas a seamless bra cannot shape your breast more than what your natural breast shape already is or what the pre-formed molded cups of the bra dictate. In seamed, cut-and-sown bras, the seams allow for the shaping of the entire cup and, therefore, the entire bust. It also ensures there’s no empty space at the top of the cups, which often happens with molded styles, even the size is correct.

There’s also the customer’s bra size to consider. In a correct fit, the most common size is around a 34 H or HH. I know that sounds large, but most women who come into our store currently wearing a D or DD cup size are in that range when correctly fitted.

Most smooth, seamless bras stop at around a G cup. There are very few styles that go up to an H, even one of two that go to the HH. Even if the customer is in a smaller cup size, seamless bras only make up about 25% of the bras that are available in their size. So, I would encourage every customer to consider trying something outside of their comfort zone. We can provide many options for almost everyone that provide great support and shaping for their specific body, size, and breast shape. Take a chance on something new, and you’ll be amazed at the results!

“But I’m worried that the lines will show in my clothes” or “I’m worried that my nipples will show through.”

In terms of the seams showing, a good number of our suppliers have moved to “flat seams," so most newer releases show a lot less than some of the older legacy styles. Even those with more prominent seams will still smooth over time. You can also wear those with patterns or thicker shirts, regardless. Don’t take our word for it; here's a picture comparing a seamed bra and a seamless bra in a 28G, a 34H, and a 34J.

seamless vs seamed bras in 28GG, 34H, and 34J

And this is with a brand-new seamed bra on! Also, notice the difference in the shaping. The seamless bra is wider-set and sits a little lower than the seamed bra. When you’re properly lifted and supported, it also provides a slimming effect, as you can see in the pictures.

Now, we’re not saying you shouldn’t buy a seamless bra ever; they’re a good addition to your bra wardrobe, just like a sports bra, a strapless bra, or any other specialty or occasion bra. In the correct size, any bra will look better than an ill-fitting bra. We just want you to have access to ALL the options that are available and not just limit yourself to one type of bra, just because that is the only type of bra you have experience with.

Now, to address the second question of, “Won’t my nipples show in a seamless bra?” Most of the time, if you place the nipple directly underneath the cross-seam in a seamed style, it keeps the nipples in the correct place and completely flattened, without padding or extra "petals." A seamless bra, especially spacer and lightly molded styles, usually won’t prevent them from showing any more than a seamed bra would, though a heavier padded or harder-molded bra would. Padded styles are also available with seams, like bras by the Polish brand Comexim, for example. So, you don’t have to limit yourself to just seamless to provide nipple coverage. However, if you are very concerned about nipple coverage, we also carry reusable nipple covers that can be worn with any style.

Having said all of that, it’s interesting to note that we have twelve fitters, ranging in age from 24 to almost 60, from petite to plus size, with a wide range of bra sizes, and they all almost exclusively wear seamed bras. Through their experience of fitting customers into various styles, all of whom have different body shapes and sizes, and with styles they've tried personally, they all agree that the shaping and support results from the seamed bras are far superior to those of a seamless bra. We want to see you in styles that offer you the best support and shaping possible. We won’t suggest something that won’t make you look and feel great! Give seamed bras a try today!