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Customer Loyalty Program

The Breakout Bras Customer Loyalty Program: A Handy Guide

Breakout Bras is happy to offer a comprehensive rewards program for our returning customers to enjoy.

Sign up today and receive 150 points! That's enough points for 15% off your first order. You can use those points today, or you can save them up for better rewards later.

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Signing Up

Creating a loyalty account is easy. All you have to do is click on the "Account" icon in the top right corner of the screen. It looks like this:

On the account page, you'll see a link that says "Create account." Click on it and follow the instructions. Once you have created a Breakout Bras account, you are automatically enrolled in our loyalty program, and you can begin accruing points!

You can also create an account by clicking the "Check Rewards" tab in the bottom left corner of the screen and clicking the teal box that says, "Create a store account."

You will receive 150 points just for signing up, which means you are already eligible for either $10 off your purchase or 15% off–whichever you prefer! Please allow a few minutes for your points to show up in your account once you have created it. It may take up to 10 minutes for your points to appear.

If you already have a Breakout Bras account, don't worry! You are already a loyalty member, and you're already working on earning points toward future purchases.

Earning Points

Earning points at Breakout Bras is easy! You can rack up loyalty points by completing any of the following activities:

Creating an account: You'll earn 150 points just for signing up! That means you can immediately unlock the first reward, or hold onto your points for later.

Making a purchase: For every dollar you spend in our store or on our website, you will earn 1 loyalty point toward future discounts. Please note that points are deducted for any refunds at the same 1:1 ratio.

Completing your profile: You can earn 5 points by filling in details on your profile, such as your gender and birthday!

Following us on social media: Earn 5 points apiece for liking us on Facebook or following us on Twitter and Instagram! 

Sharing us to Facebook: If you share our store to Facebook, you'll earn 15 points to use toward future rewards!

Sharing us on Twitter: Earn 15 more for sharing us to your Twitter feed!

Referring friends: Refer a friend and earn 50 points after they make their first purchase! If you refer a friend, and they make their purchase in-store rather than through our website, let us know! We can manually add points to your account.

Leaving product reviews: We are always in need of honest customer reviews for our products. You can leave up to 3 product reviews per month for 10 points apiece. That's 30 free points every month!


You can cash in your points for awesome discounts! Our current rewards offerings are as follows:

150 Points – 15% off your purchase

300 Points – 20% off your purchase or $10 off your purchase

350 Points – Free Sock It To Me with $25 Purchase

450 Points – 25% off your purchase

600 Points - 30% off your purchase or $20 off your purchase

Checking Your Rewards

To check on your rewards, simply click on the "Check Rewards" tab in the bottom left corner of your screen. There, you will see a summary of your point total, rewards you are eligible to redeem, and options for earning even more points.

Please note that Final Sale items are not eligible for discounts, even through the loyalty program, unless otherwise explicitly stated.

Please also be aware that loyalty points are non-refundable. If you choose to return an item purchased with loyalty points, the points themselves will not be refunded to your account.


If you have questions or concerns about your customer loyalty account, please contact customer service by phone at (866) 870-8911 or by email at We will be happy to help you resolve any issues.