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Fit Matters: Kelsey's Story

You've probably seen Kelsey in a social media post (or two, or five), but what you may not know is that Kelsey was a customer at Breakout Bras prior to becoming a member of the Marketing team. Kelsey heard about us from a colleague while studying at Clemson University and decided to give us a try. She was tired of coming out of the tops and bottoms of the bras she had been fitted for at the big box stores. Kelsey came in wearing the 34 DD she was "measured" for at one of the said stores and was fitted properly into a 28 HH. Notice that her bra is held securely against her body and her breast tissue is fully encapsulated and separated by the cups. By being fitted correctly with a snug band, her breasts are lifted higher off her torso. The underwire is no longer cutting into the side of her breast tissue; it is pulled back from under her arms, allowing all her tissue to sit inside of the cups. It is also worth noting that the seams from the correctly fitting bra are nearly undetectable underneath the extremely thin t-shirt. 

Front view with shirt before and after a bra fitting at Breakout Bras

Fit matters; come into our store and get a bra fitting by our trained fitters today!