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How to Train Your Bra Fitter: Video Blog

Nobody in the business of bras knows the ins and outs of a perfect fit better than our team. Our fitters undergo a months-long training process before they are allowed to size customers on their own.

It starts with the official Breakout Bras Sizing Guide¬, a written manual that details, step by step, how to guide a customer through the fitting process. Every new fitter receives a copy of this guide on day one of their employment. They take some time at the start of the day to read over the manual on their own, then they review it with a manager or trainer to clear up any questions they might have.

Next, they look through the Breakout Bras website. They review our online sizing tools, our About Us page, and our Frequently Asked Questions page to build a strong foundation for assisting our customers with basic questions. They also browse through our inventory to get an idea of the lines we sell, taking care to read Melissa’s Comments on key styles.

While the Sizing Guide and the website are crucial to the training process, neither should be considered rulebooks for a great fitting. They’re more like guidelines, building the foundation and pointing the fitter in the right direction. Because no two women are exactly alike, no two fittings can be exactly alike. That’s why the next part of the training process is so important. Once the trainees have finished these first two steps, they are ready to begin shadowing a senior fitter.

During the shadowing process, the trainee will follow along with a number of different staff members as they perform fittings. This allows the trainee to develop a well-rounded view of how to best serve our customers. This hands-on training approach teaches them how to identify and solve problematic fits, as well as how to educate women about their bras and their breasts. It also helps them get familiar with the many styles we carry and the body and breast types each style accommodates best.

After a few weeks of shadowing, the trainee is ready to take on a more active role in the fitting process. They switch roles with their trainer and act as the primary fitter, handling the bulk of the fitting process from start to finish, from greeting the customer, to assessing the bra they came in with, to choosing styles and sizes for them to try on, to explaining the finer details of each style’s unique fit. The trainer shadows them and offers assistance, style suggestions, and corrections, but only as needed. This part of the process may last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a few months, depending on how quickly the trainee becomes completely comfortable answering questions and giving advice. Then, and only then, the trainees are designated full-fledged fitters, ready to take rooms on their own.

While the official training process only lasts for a few months, the learning never truly ends. New styles are always coming in, which means new inventory to memorize and new fit quirks to note. Our fitters are always refining their approach, and they get better and better at helping customers every single day.

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