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Post-Operation Bras: What You Need to Know


Whether it is a voluntary surgery, be it a reduction, augmentation, or fat transfer, or if it is a non-voluntary surgery, like a partial mastectomy, mastectomy, or lumpectomy, no matter what your circumstance, it’s still uncharted territory. It can be hard to understand what to do. Unfortunately, the doctor’s office oftentimes does not give a lot of information when it comes to how your bra can affect your healing process. They often just recommend a compression sports bra. Well, that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. That also doesn’t consider the accessibility of the bra. Many common compression sports bra options pull over the head. Someone who is recovering from surgery may not be able to lift their arms over their head immediately after surgery or have limited movement throughout the duration of their healing. The beauty of having post-op bras is that they open from the straps and from the center. You don’t have to worry about mobility issues as much because the front closure style makes it much easier to do on your own.

When should you come in to get fitted for a post-op bra?

We highly recommend getting your bra before you have your surgery. We have seen several customers come to the store immediately after their surgery to get a bra, and we can’t fit them because they might reopen their recent incisions by moving around too much. 

What makes a bra a post-op bra? 

A post-op bra is a range-size fit, something that would go from a small to a 3X, so a variety of sizes can fit within each bra. Mary and Ava by Carefix are great examples of this style of bra. Post-op bras are designed to flex with you when you have swelling, as opposed to a cheap sports bra, which won’t be as comfortable, accessible, or contain your breast tissue properly. The adjustability of the straps and the front closure allow you to accommodate different levels of fluctuation throughout your healing process as well. A properly fitted post-op bra will have a wider band and better side cup coverage that will keep liquid and blood from pooling in incorrect areas and will keep it circulating properly. This helps prevent issues like lymphoedema. Lymphoedema is the excessive swelling of the lymph nodes. The swelling can stretch the skin, and much like during pregnancy or when you’ve lost a lot of weight, it can leave a permanent excess of loose skin behind. That’s why a properly fitted post-op bra is so important. You don’t want to spend thousands on surgery, to only spend twenty or so dollars on a sports bra, which would cause lasting issues in your healing process. We want to make sure you have the product that will properly support your surgery. 

There are also compression-style post-op bras. Sophia by Carefix is a good example. These are typically recommended well after the surgery by your doctor because the patient is having swelling issues or lymphoedema. They need compression to alleviate the swelling. This applies more to people who have had a mastectomy. However, sometimes people who have implants need a compression post-op bra to make sure their implants stay in a certain shape.

How do you get your correct size?

It can be hard to judge what size you will be after the surgery because sizes vary between plastic surgeons. They might tell you you’ll be a full D. But what does that mean? It’s not a standard size; you could go to any store and get a full D cup and find something that would work. That doesn’t consider breast shape, UK sizes versus US sizes, etc. You also want to consider that you’ll want something that is more flexible than your usual bra to accommodate post-surgery swelling. Many of these fitting considerations vary from person to person. That’s why we recommend getting fitted, because there isn’t a universal post-op bra that will work for every single person. We are happy to find what is going to help you the most and be the best option for your surgery. If you’re local to Greenville, SC, you can make an in-person appointment at . If you’re an online customer, we recommend that you make an appointment at

Breakout Bras doesn't process health insurance, but you can file the purchase yourself to be reimbursed. The post-op products that we offer are often eligible for reimbursement.