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The Breakout Bras Comprehensive Sizing Guide

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You will need:

  • soft measuring tape
  • pencil and paper
  • a calculator

Sizing tools: soft measuring tape, pencil and paper, and a calculator.

For women with softer breast tissue that doesn’t tend to stay in place, we recommend that you measure yourself with a sleep bra on. This will help you to achieve the most accurate measurement. If you have firmer breast tissue that doesn’t squish or wiggle very much, try measuring without a bra.

If you are not sure which method will provide the most accurate results for you, measure both ways!


Step 2: Measure your ribcage.

Your ribcage measurement is going to determine your band size.

Using soft measuring tape, measure right underneath your breasts, where your bra will comfortably sit. Keep the tape parallel to the ground pull firmly.

For maximum band support, exhale deeply to get the smallest band size possible. Remember, 80% of your bra’s support should come from the band, and only 20% from the straps.

Round your measurement to the nearest inch. If your measurement is at or below the ½ inch mark, round down to preserve the elasticity of your bra and make it last longer. NEVER ADD INCHES.


Step 3: Measure your bust line.

Measure across your nipples at the widest part of your breasts. Make sure the measuring tape is parallel to the ground. Never measure under your armpits or over the tops of your breasts.

Pull until the measuring tape is snug, but not tight. You will need enough room in the cup so that your breast tissue does not overflow. If you land between two numbers, round up.


Step 4: Calculate your size.

Subtract your band measurement (Step 2) from your bust measurement (Step 3). Then use the chart below to determine your cup size.

Difference in Sizes US Cup Size UK Cup Size EU Cup Size
1" A A A
2" B B B
3" C C C
4" D D D
5" DD or E DD E
6" DDD or F E F
7" G F G
8" H FF H
9" I G I
10" J GG J
11" K H K
12" L HH L
13" M J M
14" N JJ N
15" O K O
16" P KK P

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A properly fitted bra will be centered across the back with the straps adjusted to the tops of the shoulders or wherever is comfortable. Most of your support should come from your band, not your straps.

Your band is too big if:

A bra with a too-large band.

  • The straps slide off your shoulders
  • The band rides up in the back
  • The band is pulled down low on the back and the straps cannot be tightened without causing the band to ride up

The proper cup size with a snug band and tightened straps will lift the breasts and create a full, rounded effect. The cup should be large enough for the underwire to provide complete containment and support.

The cups are too small if:

A bra with too-small cups.

  • Your breasts are popping out, causing “muffin tops”
  • The underwire is pressing into your breasts, causing discomfort
  • Your breast tissue hangs out the bottom when you lift your arms

The band should be snug enough around your ribcage to support the weight of your breasts. The underwire should rest where the bottom of your breasts meet your ribcage. The center gore should lie flat against your chest.

Your fit is incorrect if:

A poorly-fitting bra.

  • The entire weight of your breasts is on the shoulder straps
  • The underwire is pushed away from your body instead of lying flat

If you're experiencing any of the above issues, it may be time to get resized! A proper fit will contain your breasts and relieve your shoulders of unneeded pressure.

A correctly fitted bra will fit like this:

A correctly fitted bra.

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It’s tempting to hook your bra in front of you and twist it around to the proper position, but doing so can cause a number of problems. All that twisting and flipping can warp or break your bra’s underwires, or even push them through the fabric. It also stretches the elastic in the band, making your bra less supportive over time.

In order to maintain the maximum amount of support and to extend the life of your bra, we recommend trying the following steps next time you put on your bra.


Step 1: Fasten the hooks.

Place the underwire under your breasts where they meet your ribcage. Pull the band down and hook it on your back. A new bra should fit snugly on the loosest set of hooks. You can tighten the hooks are you break in the bra, maximizing its lifespan.


Step 2: Adjust the straps.

Put your arms through the straps and tighten them to your desired fit. Properly tightened straps will shape the sides of your breasts, creating a smooth, rounded profile.

Keep in mind that 80% of your support should come from the band, not the straps. Although your straps should fit snugly, you should not feel like your breasts are hanging from your shoulders.


Step 3: Do the scoop.

Be sure the underwire is directly under your breasts where they meet the ribcage.

Place your thumb on the underwire to hold it in place. Reach across your body and scoop your breast tissue from the side of your body into the cup. The more you can scoop in, the better your bra will fit, feel, and look.


Finished! A correctly fitted bra.

A properly fitted bra will give you well rounded, nicely shaped, lifted breasts. Your clothes will look and fit much better, too.

Using this method every time you put on your bra will help your garment last and deliver great support for as long as possible. You should also follow the recommended product care instructions when washing and drying your intimates. Treat your bras right, and they will return the favor!

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Yay, your new bra is here! Breakout Bras wants to ensure you are satisfied with the fit of your items, so we have put together this troubleshooting guide to address some common issues. If you aren’t sure how to fix your issue after making these adjustments, contact our on-site customer service representatives. They will help you to find a better size or style for an exchange!

Are you spilling out of your cups? / Is there too much space in your cups?

Remember that it is crucial to “pull in” when you put on your bra. Firmly grip your side wires with one hand, and pull your breast tissue towards the center of each cup with the other hand. Don’t be afraid to really pull any softer tissue in from the side of your body, so it sits in front of the bra’s wire. Imagine you are trying to make cleavage. Doing this will help you feel comfortably contained within your bra and help you avoid bulging or gapping.

Are your straps properly adjusted?

It is also important that your straps are adjusted properly. If they fit too loosely, your straps will slip off your shoulders and can allow the top of the bra to fall away from the top of your bust. In contrast, if the straps fit too tightly, their elastic bands will stretch quickly and cause neck pain. Your shoulder straps should feel firm and hold the tops of your cups flush against your chest.

Does your band fit snugly?

With a correct fit, your bra’s band should be doing the majority of the work to support the weight of your breasts instead of your straps. However, if you have to hook a bra on the tightest set of hooks for it to wrap firmly around your torso, that item is not giving you a proper fit. A new bra should fit snugly when you fasten it using the loosest set of hooks. It may feel uncomfortable at first, but as the bra’s elastic stretches and the item molds to of your body. You’ll get used to the secure fit, and the bra will get more comfortable over time.

Do you need an extender?

Breaking in a new bra is very similar to breaking in a new pair of shoes in that it is necessary but sometimes unpleasant. If you need some temporary relief while your elastic stretches, consider buying an extender. Extenders fasten easily to a bra’s existing hooks, making it fit more comfortably. They are available at and should only be worn for about two weeks. Wearing an extender for too long will hinder your bras ability to properly adjust to the shape of your body and will not keep the bra firmly in place.

Contacting Customer Service

If you have tried these tips and are still not seeing your desired results, contact Breakout Bras customer service! All of our representatives work on-site and have years of experience fitting women in their perfect bras. They will be able to offer you insights and compassion and are dedicated to making sure customers get the fits they want in the sizes they need! Customer service can be reached by live chat at, by phone at (866) 870-8911, or by email at Thanks again for shopping with Breakout Bras!

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Click the links below for printable PDF versions of our comprehensive fitting guide:

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