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Debunking Bra Myths

Bras are a staple in every woman's wardrobe. You may think you know everything about these supportive garments, but how much of this information is actually false? Here are five of the most common bra myths:



False. Underwires aren't the culprit when it comes to uncomfortable bras. The discomfort you experience stems from the size of the bra itself. When you go into the average bra store, you will be measured and sold an ill-fitting item. This results in an unfortunate fit that causes the wires to poke into your side tissue, rather than encapsulating your breasts entirely within the cup, in front of the wire. Luckily, Breakout Bras is anything but average. With 22 years of experience, we'll ensure that you leave with a bright new outlook on underwire bras. 





This is another common misconception we run into here. There are many different styles available to you, some of which create an incredibly lifted, pulled together look. Comexim is one of the best brands for achieving this. (Fun fact: we are the ONLY authorized retailer for Comexim in the United States.) You don't need a push-up bra to have cleavage. 

Exhibit A: 





There are so many different body shapes and sizes, it would be hard to find a true average size. I see this statistic floating around on the internet and can't help but wonder where it comes from. With the bras we carry, there are over 150 size options. No two bodies are the same!



White bras show under white shirts more than most other colors. If you are looking for an option that will be completely camouflaged under white clothing, you will be better off reaching for a bra that resembles your skin tone. Surprisingly enough, red shades don't show under white shirts either!





This one may be true for a majority of our styles however, there are a few bras that fit differently. Some styles have stretchier bands, while some run more on the firm side. With these differences, you may need to tweak the size on new styles. No worries! Melissa's comments are here to guide you to the proper fit every time.