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Bra Types

Learn about the different styles of bras here. Knowing your bra terminology will assist you in selecting the product that you will be most satisfied with.

Balconette Bra

Balconette styles have a more open neckline that cuts horizontally across the top of the breasts. While very similar to demi bras, a balconette will typically have wider-set straps and provide a pushed-up, high, and rounded look, while a demi’s end result is more squared.


Bralettes are a less structured option; they are typically wireless and made without padding, making them a more comfortable, laid-back alternative to your daily underwire bras. They are often made with lace and are meant to be seen.


Typically shorter than a corset, bustiers usually end at or just above the waistline and feature built-in bras. A bustier can be made with or without straps. Most include flexible boning throughout for shaping purposes.

Demi (Half Cup) Bra

Demi is a French prefix meaning "half." A demi-cup covers half to ¾ of the breasts and is intended to cover the nipple but leave the upper bust exposed. Similar to a balconnete bra, demi bras will often be padded and seamed for structure in order to push the

Front Closure Bra

Front closure means that the bra will either hook or zip in the front between the cups. This type of closure works well for women who have limited mobility or difficulty hooking their bras in the back.

Full Cup Bra

Describes a style that covers and contains most of the bust with a center gore that is taller than most other styles.

Leisure Bra

A leisure bra is a non-wire style that provides minimal support to give women a more comfortable option during leisure activities or downtime.

Longline Bra

A bra with a band that extends down the midriff that is used for shaping and/or aesthetic purposes.

Mastectomy Bra

A type of bra that you wear after having a single or double mastectomy that is equipped with features that help make you more comfortable. Most mastectomy bras have a pocket added that allows the wearer to slide a breast form into the bra without worrying about movement.

Maternity Bra

Also referred to as a transitional bra, they are specifically designed to provide extra comfort and support for pregnant women. The cups are typically stretchy to accommodate tender, swelling breasts and made of softer fabrics to prevent irritation. Some maternity bras double as nursing bras.

Nursing Bra

A bra specifically designed for breastfeeding women to aid in the process. Nursing bras provide increased support and feature detachable clips on the top of each cup that can be opened with one hand to allow easy breastfeeding access. Often made of stretchy material, they are designed to accommodate size fluctuations after childbirth. Most nursing styles are constructed with full-coverage cups and breathable fabrics to provide support and comfort at a time when breasts are sensitive and heavy.

Plunge Bra

A bra with a V-shaped (plunging) neckline, angled cups, and a narrow center gore that creates the appearance of enhanced cleavage. Plunge styles should have good coverage but still work well for low-cut tops. The difference between a plunge bra and a push-up bra is that a push-up bra achieves lift through additional padding in the cup, while a plunge bra’s cups are cut to reveal more of the breast to show off your natural cleavage without sacrificing the lift, shape, and support of the bra.

Seamed Cups

A cup that has seams where different panels of fabric have been sewn together to provide increased cup depth, superior support, and shaping. Seamed cups can hold more weight than seamless cups due to the placement of these seams. They are also referred to as multi-part bras or cut and sew bras.

​Sports Bra

Bras designed to offer additional support and reduce bounce during exercise and physical activity. Sports bras are sturdier than regular bras and are designed to minimize breast movement to protect chest ligaments from damage. With support levels ranging from high impact to low impact, you can choose the amount of control you need.

Strapless Bra

A bra constructed with wider sides and silicone grippers to ensure it stays in place without the attached straps over the shoulders. A strapless bra may be constructed in many ways, with the lack of straps being the commonality between styles.

Triangle Bra

A bra with a triangular cup that is typically padded or lined in lieu of underwire. Narrow straps, gores, and back wings are characteristic of this style, making them ideal for petite figures.

T-Shirt Bra

Seamless, contoured bras usually with a thin piece of foam designed to be invisible under t-shirts and tighter tops.

Underwire Bra

A bra made with a thin, flexible wire that offers additional support to bra cups. Underwires are intended to lift, separate, and shape breasts.

Wireless (non-wire) Bra

Any bra that doesn’t contain underwires. Wireless bras can be molded, non-molded, seamless, or seamed. If sized correctly, wireless bras can have the same support of an underwire style, with the main difference being the shaping and separation.