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About Breakout Bras

How It All Started

Melissa Thomason welcomed a new baby into the world in 2000, but the difficulties she faced in attempts to find nursing bras that fit added an element of discouragement to her excitement. Melissa’s experience inspired her to give other women struggling to find correctly fitted bras the opportunity to purchase them, and Breakout Bras was born.

Originally an online only business, the company emerged from Melissa’s own garage, and since then it has grown to include a retail location that opened in 2002, warehouse space, office space, and staff of almost 20 highly trained employees. Customers at Breakout Bras know they are going to get correct fits, the best selection of products, and quality customer service experiences with every visit and online order.

What We're Known For

Breakout Bras’ experienced, in-house customer service representatives, exceptionally well-stocked warehouse, gorgeous showroom, highly trained fitters, and clever marketing team sets the company above the rest. It’s more than a boutique; the Breakout Bras staff handles all its customer service, order processing, and retail procedures from one versatile site.

This multifaceted approach to sales allows each member of the Breakout Bras team to earn a well-rounded understanding of the company’s operations and to help its customers quickly and efficiently with whatever challenges they may face. The company also maintains close relationships with its vendors, creating open conversations that lead to innovative growth and improvement for both parties and creating a better shopping experience for consumers.

Our Atmosphere

Unlike many retail locations and boutiques, Breakout Bras has access to a mass quantity of diverse brands, sizes, and styles of merchandise; this concentrated selection of inventory allows the store’s fitters to choose the best fit to flatter each unique woman hoping to improve her appearance with a new bra. Additionally, Breakout Bras pairs every customer with a designated fitter who walks her through every step of the sizing process, eliminating any potential for feelings of anxiety or dejectedness which classically accompany bra shopping experiences.

Having seasoned customer service agents working under the same roof also allows those fitters to seek counsel and avoid pitfalls that might ordinarily lead to frustrations or returns. The atmosphere at Breakout Bras is relaxed; maintaining a casual space allows the company’s customers to feel at ease as they get fitted for bras which can often be an intimidating experience. The store strives to create a welcoming environment for women of all walks of life by making sure both the showroom and staff members are approachable and relaxed.

The Breakout Bras entryway window showroom displays a balanced collection of bras, intimates, and specialty items. Mannequins model new merchandise, and the store’s staple favorites line its walls. A comfortable seating area bathed in natural light adjoins eight spacious fitting rooms and decorative touches, like seasonal flowers and paper lanterns, add visual interest to the store’s casual aesthetic. Twice a month, the showroom undergoes a total transformation as featured items like sports bras, swimsuits, maternity wares, and vendor displays are exchanged to highlight the most relevant products possible.

Holidays and other special occasions also give Breakout Bras staff an excuse to give its retail location a mini-makeover by adding a few festive decorations to its interior and a catchy phrase to its sidewalk sign. There’s never a dull moment or set theme; Breakout Bras likes to mix things up and keep its displays exciting for new and loyal customers.

Community Involvement

Breakout Bras actively strives to build relationships with its customers and its community. The store’s marketing team engages its followers on social media while its retail staff works to provide in-store clients with positive, uplifting experiences. Fitters do their best to educate the women they serve, so customers can understand not only which bras they bought but also why those bras flattered their bodies best. Breakout Bras consistently shows customers appreciation through rewards programs, giveaways, and updates about incoming products and upcoming events.

Recently, the marketing team invited community members to host pop-up shops in its lobby in hopes of giving clients a more enriched buying experience and giving rising artists a platform to showcase their merchandise. The company even sends ambassadors to partner with local businesses and offer trunk shows, and it advertises through local radio stations and print magazines.

Breakout Bras is also committed to collaborating with vendors and serving its community through participation in charity events because this store is about more than making a profit; for Breakout Bras, everything is about improving women’s’ lives and self-perceptions. The store’s staff has participated in 5K races for multiple charities and donated bras to a local charity that provides prom dresses and accessories to underprivileged teens.

Our Services

Breakout Bras is a measuring tape free zone; fitters size by sight meaning they evaluate a customer’s correct size by assessing imperfections in the fit of her original bra, weighing them against prior fitting experiences and trainings to pull a range of preliminary sizes and styles to try. From there, the fitter narrows her client’s options by taking her preferences into consideration and using a set of specialized criteria to pull styles that accentuate her client’s body as well as her unique personality. Because Breakout Bras is dedicated to finding each customer a perfect garment; managers check the fit of all items before checkout.

The store’s sizing professionals have years of experience; they are highly knowledgeable and have even been certified through vendor programs like Anita Care to properly assist women recuperating from surgery. Customers who are unable to visit Breakout Bras’ retail location can contact its customer service representatives via phone, email, or chat for the same dependable advice and informative explanations of product nuances.

We Serve Women

Anyone who is familiar with Breakout Bras will know that the company always has a lot to say because its founders are passionate about their responsibilities to improve the lives of their customers, not just make profits. It offers women difficult to access UK sizes in a comfortable environment. Breakout Bras is not a lavish boutique, and for that reason, the store recognizes it is somewhat of an underdog in the running for these awards; however, Breakout Bras makes decisions based on the women it serves. Many of these women might feel intimidated if they entered a showroom decked in marble details and modern furniture pieces.

The casual atmosphere at Breakout Bras invites clients from all walks of life to embark on their self-improvement journeys without fear of judgement. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity, and that's what Breakout Bras know each customer is going to find each time she visits whether she’s searching for a new sports bra, swimsuit, post-surgery garment, or nursing accessory. Our valued customers know Breakout Bras to be a company built on its relationships with its vendors, distributors, and customers—not on appearances alone.